Trip to the Library OH JOY! :)

Today I took two books back to my local library, Maylands Public Library  (one that I had finished and one that I couldn’t renew because it was requested 😦 ) and realised that I only had two books out O.o so time to get some more:

Ooooo pretty

For all of you who don’t have crazy good sight and can see every title and every author name on those covers, I borrowed (from left to right) The Monsters of Templeton By Lauren Groff; Equinox By Michael White; The Secrets of the Chess Machine By Robert Lohr; Twilight By William Gay and The Tin Princess By Philip Pullman.

Now a wee little confession about my selection of books – they were mainly chosen for their covers and titles. I know you’re not meant to “Judge a book by its cover” but I do – how can you not when some of them are so pretty! …and when some of them are so crap. I admit I have rejected books for bad covers before, and equally I’ve read books that had interesting covers that turned out to be rubbish, but mainly, if I like the cover I usually love the book. I also am really attracted to strange titles and put off by lame ones. I almost didn’t borrow Twilight because of its title – you can’t even say twilight relating to a quite pleasant time of the day anymore without people assuming you’re talking about sappy glittering vampires (same goes for New Moon and Eclipse). So, books like The Monsters of Templeton and The Secrets of the Chess Machine which not only have great titles but stylish silhouetted covers barely needed a glance at the blurb before they were tucked under my arm.

The only ones that were given any thought beforehand were The Tin Princess which is the third book in a series i’ve been reading, and Equinox which i almost bought at Hyde Park Community Fair  .

Lets hope they’re all fabulous 🙂

In other news, this arrived in the mail today 😀 :

Stardust By Neil Gaiman

Double JOY 🙂

4 thoughts on “Trip to the Library OH JOY! :)

    • Yeah i got it coz i loved the movie, and apparently the book is even better 🙂 I’m starting it today or tomorrow and it’s a thin one so it shouldn’t take long. You can borrow it after i’m done if you like? 🙂


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