Fairy tales and Erotic tales

Because I finished both Beatle Meets Destiny and All Together Dead  the other night, which were both my own books, I chose two new ones to read from the vast pile of my own books next to my bed. Because I had gotten a few new ones recently that I really wanted to read, I added them to the pile and coincidently it was two of those that won the eeny, meeny, miny, moe – Stardust By Neil Gaiman,

that I mentioned in a past post; and Yearn : tales of lust and longing By Tobsha Learner,

which I received from my book club shortly before I started writing this blog.

The two books are worlds apart. Stardust for those of you who haven’t seen the movie is a fairy tale style story about a young man in a mythical Victorian era town of Wall, who travels over the wall that gives the town its name to fetch a falling star for his beloved. I loved the movie, and have read a bit of Neil Gaiman’s work (and loved what I read) and so have been wanting to read this book for a while. Yearn on  the other hand is a collection of strange erotic stories by Australian author and bizarre erotica extraordinaire, Tobsha Learner. I have read her previous collection of erotic stories Tremble which contained wonderfully strange stories such as: a woman who is given a mandrake root by an older female family member, which one day turns into a living disembodied penis, and goes on a psychotic rampage when her affection turns to an actual man; a nun has an immaculate conception due to touching a saint’s dried up nipple, and has to hide on an island to give birth to, raise, have a sexual relationship with, and eventually watch die, a rapidly growing incarnation of Jesus; and a diver who gets trapped in an underwater cave/air pocket sleeps with a mermaid, who then kills him. When I read Tremble I was constantly retelling the strange stories to my housemate, so now that he’s moved out, be prepared to see them aired here – these are stories that have to be shared to be processed 😛

…..I just realised that i don’t have a “sigh off” yet – so any suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fairy tales and Erotic tales

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    • Cheers Jenny, glad you like the article 🙂 and welcome to Book Polygamist! I do enjoy
      a bit of Erotica so i’m sure there will be other articles you will enjoy in the future. And thanks for the site suggestion!


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