Mmmmmm Books….. *drool*

So, I realised that I haven’t done a new post in a little while, because I haven’t started, finished or received any new books 😦 so I thought I’d share some thoughts I had a week or two ago.

When looking at the crazy pile of books from my friend Sarah (which is now the biggest “choosing” pile – yes Sarah, you win!) I realised the books I borrow from her are either quick fun reads, or pretty creepy shit (ie. zombies, Clive Barker) and it made me think of the different types of books I read – not the genre or recommended age range per say but more how they are to read – and because It made sense in my head, I compared them to different foods.

Firstly the fun quick reads, which for me include “light” mysteries (ie. Phryne Fisher mysteries), YA fantasy series, and currently, the Sookie Stackhouse series. These books I compare to junk food – not the stuff you feel bad about eating, like a maccas binge or a whole tub of ice-cream (those would be those “guilty pleasure” books *cough* mills and boon), but the stuff that doesn’t feel naughty because it’s so small and so worth it – like a bit of really good chocolate or a tiny cupcake. And those of you who have become hooked on a really enjoyable series would know, it’s just as risky to have a whole box set of an addictive series sitting there then it is to have a whole batch of delicious cupcakes – if you’re not careful they’ll all be gone before you know it.

The next group is the somewhat-hard-to-read-but-worth-it books, or the health food. Belonging in this category is creepy or gross or sad or disturbing books, books that (just like health food) are kinda difficult to swallow at times, but you know they’re well worth it. I need to include one of these most of the time, or else my reading experiences feel really fun, but kinda hollow, just like I could never survive on just cupcakes – i’d crave some fruit and veg after a while 😛

Another group is books that I have wanted to read, or have meant to read for a long, long time (ie. classics that I never get around to). These I compare to those restaurants you’ve heard great things about and swear you’ll visit, but never quite end up doing so; or recipes that you see in a magazine, clip out because you wanna make it some time, but completely forget about. These books, while seeming kinda pointless, are an important group – yes, some of them you’ll never get to, and some that you get to may not live up to the pedestal you’ve put them on (famous books that are somehow lacking ; a well reviewed restaurant that fails to deliver) but for those rare ones that you finally get to, and are amazing, it’s worth the wait.

Lastly (and don’t quote me one that – it’s likely that I’ll think of another one and re-post) there are the treasured books that you read over and over, or for those that only read books once, the authors who you love so much that you look forward to a new book by them, and devour it as soon as possible. These books are the family favourites; the meals that your mother or grandmother made when you were a kid that you never tire of; the dish at your favourite restaurant that no matter how much you tell yourself “This time I’ll try something new on the menu” you always end up ordering.

Happy reading (and dining) 🙂