I see you Quiver in antici….pation

I haven’t blogged about new book purchases for a while because I haven’t been able to afford new books 😦
I recently adopted a little miniature Schnauzer called Tia who had a sad history; she was found in an abandoned house, covered in ticks and still producing milk from a recent litter of puppies. She was very timid and slept a lot when we first got her, and I noticed that her teeth were in a bad shape so we took her to the vet for a check-up. On examination of Tia the vet told us that she had a fever and unusual bleeding, that we thought was just her on heat again, and that he had to put her on a drip and do some tests because he suspected she had an infection in her uterus (it had a fancy medical name that I can’t remember). She had tests and did need to be spayed immediately, which we planned to do in the near future but now was urgent. She also had teeth removed during surgery because they were so rotten.

Needless to say the whole process cost around 1000 dollars, which as a student was way out of my budget, but with some help from the generous Mum Bank and Loans the bills were paid and little Tia was on the road to recovery. Since then I have been slowly paying Mum back out of my meagre fortnightly student payment, and so any purchases I make have been strickly necessities, thus no books 😦


However, when I saw that a book I have longed for for a while – Quiver by Tobsha Learner – was for sale from my bookclub for the quite achievable price of $24.95 during a fortnight when I had a bit of money spare (hallelujah!) I couldn’t resist.

If you read my review of Yearn: tales of lust and longing you will know that I’m already a bit of a fan of Tobsha Learner’s unique brand of erotica, and Quiver is the only collection of short stories I haven’t read yet. So, when I received a note in my mailbox saying I had a package waiting for me at the post office, I was slightly more excited when it was Quiver rather than the other book I ordered recently, the next Sookie Stackhouse book I’m up to, Dead and Gone.

Lets hope it was worth all the anticipation 🙂


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