The devil’s in the….cake :P

The choosing of this book was a rare (and very nice) occurence – eeny meeny miny moe actually led to the book I wanted to read the most 😀

That cake could kill me anytime! 😀

I simply love the Corinna Chapman Series for a few reasons:

  1. Corinna is a “plus-size” woman like myself and she doesn’t care what people think of her
  2. The descriptions of baked goods in Corinna’s bakery, Earthly Delights, is simply saliva inducing
  3. The mysteries are fun but smart
  4. There is a nice abundance of quirky characters, cats and G & Ts – all things I love
  5. The books are set in an apartment building whose architecture is reminiscent of Ancient Rome and all the apartments are named after Gods, Goddesses and the like (plus the matchings of characters to apartments fit in a really neat way)
  6. There are recipes in the back of each book 🙂

Thanks again to Sarah for introducing me to a great series xo I’m loving this one already 😛

4 thoughts on “The devil’s in the….cake :P

  1. angelicreader says:

    So I ‘random posted’ and this is what I found.

    I actually love books about plus sized woman. (Heather Wells you rock!)
    I also recently read ‘Meet me at the cupcake cafe’ which was AMAZING and also had recipes through out the entire book.
    I am now TBRing this one


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