My last trip to the library…until the new one opens

It seems like a century has passed since they started building the new multi-purpose centre in Maylands, now christened The Rise. I have been waiting impatiently for news and hoping that it would be done before I finish my Diploma (July 2012) so I could try to snaffle a job in the brand spanking new library 🙂 so I started to get excited when I heard that they were opening this July! Sure enough, about a week ago I received a letter from the library with news that they will be closed from the 5th and open at the new library on the 18th! JOY! This means they will be open by the time I start next term when I’ll be doing my industry work placement, and might get to do it there!! ^-^

So, anyway, I had books to return so I thought I’d pick up a few more while they were still open 🙂

Last books borrowed from the old library!

In case you can’t read the covers in this terrible mobile photo, the books I borrowed (from left to right) are: Adultery by Richard B. Wright; Skin Lane by Neil Bartlett; The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman (the third Sally Lockhart Mystery, as opposed to The Tin Princess which I borrowed last time thinking it was the third :S); and Sphinx by Tobsha Learner.

Huzzah to the new library! 😀


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