RIP Borders :(

A few months ago it was announced that Angus & Robertson would be closing a whole bunch of stores and it was really sad to see the prominent stores in Perth city empty. However, there was an upside – my favourite bookstore in town, Borders, was still operating despite being owned by the same corporation as Angus & Robertson. Then this week I heard that they too were closing and selling everything, including the store’s furniture and fixtures! This was sad news, but good on one note – stock on sale! As I had money to burn I took advantage of the situation and bought:

The full set of True Blood comics for 3 bucks each (previously $9.95 a piece),

$3 each!!!

Michael Leunig’s Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness,

I love Leunig 🙂








And a Rorschach (from Watchmen) bookmark for my bro, who has a bad habit of leaving books open at the page he’s up to :/

Maybe this'll make him use a bookmark!

So, sad for Borders, but Yay for me! 🙂


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