A-Rise new Library!

This post is a little behind the eight ball, but on the 16th there was an open day for The RISE (which houses the new library in my suburb of Maylands as well as a gym/sports hall, community centre, meeting rooms and a child health clinic) and I was there to FINALLY take a look-see inside 🙂

According to The Eastern Reporter The RISE stands for Recreation Information Socialising Entertainment and also refers to how huge-mongous it is. Personally I think the name is a bit wanky, and I also thought it would be confusing as there is already a nightclub in Perth called the Rise, but I have since found out that they have shut down so I guess that won’t be a problem….still wanky tho – whats wrong with Maylands Multipurpose Centre (which is what everyone thought it was going to be called)?

Despite the name, the building is very impressive and it was great fun exploring all the rooms of this huge structure that I have watched emerge over the last year or so. I was the most excited to see the new library of course, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s still sort of small but makes better use of the space and the layout is quite intuitive. The whole library is very bright and colourful and thanks to large windows on most of the wall space, it is filled with natural light. I was also stoked to see that they have upgraded their computers and there is a nifty self check-out computer that I used on my first proper visit 🙂

The first book I borrowed from the new library - The next Flavia de Luce mystery 😀

So, if any Bookbaggers out there are in or near Maylands in Perth, and haven’t checked out the RISE yet then go have a look or recommend it to people nearby – It’s just another step to making our humble suburb all fancy 😛

There are rumours that the old library building (that previously has been the city meeting hall and a theatre) will become a community theatre again, which would be great, but at the moment it still sporadically hosts an art gallery in its basement and otherwise is a cruising spot for horny pigeons 🙂