Book Polygamist extras for The National Year of Reading

Hello all!

As I mentioned in a recent post 2012 is The National Year of Reading in Australia and to celebrate and spread the word I wanted to add a couple of extra regular posts to my usual fare of reviews and Top 10 lists.

As I have also already mentioned at first I intended to post a quote of one of the books I’m reading every day as part of Project 365, but I soon realised that this idea would not work for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t always read every single day (gasp!);
  2. Even when I do read everyday I may not read a line that is worth quoting;
  3. Even if I was to read everyday and find a suitable quote every day, going online and posting everyday with my busy study/work schedule is just not practical.

So, I have decided that I will do a quote once a week in a regular feature called Weekly Quotables starting today and continuing throughout 2012!

In addition to this I came up with another weekly feature for this year: Save The Words Saturday. This idea came when I revisited a site I spend hours perusing months ago when I was meant to be studying: I was refered to the site from an excellent book blog that I follow The Book and Biscuit and followed the link out of curiosity. When I got there I was greeted by a page covered in strange words all in different colours and typefaces, literally calling out at me to pick them!

The Oxford Dictionaries have created the site whose purpose is to promote obscure words that have fallen out of use in the English language. You can simply learn about certain words by clicking on them or you can be more involved by adopting a word (where you pledge to use it in conversation as much as possible); subscribe to a word-a-day email; or buy a shirt with your adopted word on it!

So, as my own contribution to the cause as well as a fun National Year of Reading activity I will be posting a chosen word every Saturday with a definition and link to in case you wish to adopt the cute little word 🙂

As I forgot to start  Save The Words Saturday yesterday (oops!) It will officially begin next Saturday.

Happy Reading!

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