Notable Quotable #27

Teppic hadn’t been educated. Education had just settled on him, like dandruff.


Notable Quotable #26

The only pyramids he felt comfortable about were the very small ones at the bottom of the garden, built every time one of the cats died.


Notable Quotable #25

Christina turns and decides to go alone when a voice that seems to be using barbed wire and poisonous snakes for vocal cords speaks up…The shape shifts and twists, a head rising from the amorphous rags. Its hair (that which there is) sticks straight up or hangs in grease-shellacked hunks. Both eyes are milky, but they focus on Cass. The skin is brown, wrinkled, and desiccated like a crack-addicted walnut…The face pauses and the rags shift, evoking an image of a large bird caught in an oil spill that is trying to ruffle its feathers.

  • ”Demption Road’ by Justin Porter, Blood, Guts & Whiskey, pg. 107, 108.

Notable Quotable #24

“From what do you hide?” Men sing in unison and the bonfire embers linger like insects on fire. I say “men who chew girls like tobacco” and Astrid has draped herself across my shoulders.

  • ‘Trauma Dyke’ by Derek Nikitas, Blood, Guts & Whiskey, pg. 92.

Notable Quotable #22

I think we all thought he had broken her arm. He hadn’t, but despite the ice pack it would swell up like she was Popeye. She also had a bruise on her hip that was so black and blue it looked like a screen saver of outer space.


Notable Quotable #21

I know the difference between mourning and grief…Sometimes you just expect the waves and waves of sorrow to wash over you. Swamp you completely. That, in my mind, is real grief. And mourning? That’s when you’ve reached the stage where you can build a stout seawall against those colossal breakers and go about your life. You may be sprayed by the surf, but you are not incapacitated.

  • Catherine Benincasa, The Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian, pg. 193, 194