Notable Quotable #26

The only pyramids he felt comfortable about were the very small ones at the bottom of the garden, built every time one of the cats died.


Notable Quotable #25

Christina turns and decides to go alone when a voice that seems to be using barbed wire and poisonous snakes for vocal cords speaks up…The shape shifts and twists, a head rising from the amorphous rags. Its hair (that which there is) sticks straight up or hangs in grease-shellacked hunks. Both eyes are milky, but they focus on Cass. The skin is brown, wrinkled, and desiccated like a crack-addicted walnut…The face pauses and the rags shift, evoking an image of a large bird caught in an oil spill that is trying to ruffle its feathers.

  • ”Demption Road’ by Justin Porter, Blood, Guts & Whiskey, pg. 107, 108.

Notable Quotable #24

“From what do you hide?” Men sing in unison and the bonfire embers linger like insects on fire. I say “men who chew girls like tobacco” and Astrid has draped herself across my shoulders.

  • ‘Trauma Dyke’ by Derek Nikitas, Blood, Guts & Whiskey, pg. 92.