Save The Words Saturday – Kalotypography


Definition: Beautiful printing.
Example: "I love it how you think about kalotypography
and talk about yourself all the time."
Adopt this word at
Content from
*UPDATE 08/01/13 Sadly is no more, but if you love this word 
you can still adopt it by using it in conversation and introducing friends 
to it and other lost words*

2 thoughts on “Save The Words Saturday – Kalotypography

  1. I love the word kalotypography!
    Im currently including it in a graphic design project I’m working on, lets reintroduce it to the english language, through hashtags!
    So if you see something thats beautifully printed instagram, pinterest or tweet about it with #kalotypography

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    • What a fabulous idea! I love beautiful typography as well and that’s a great way to re-introduce the word kalotypography to other lovers of pretty printing 🙂 Thanks for visiting Book Polygamist Joanna and I hope to see you again!


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