Kicking off 2013 with Owls, Mammals and Phryne Fisher!

I have already wrote about how poor my book tally has been this year, and even though I have had heaps of free time since Xmas to read (especially because it’s so hot in Perth at the moment and reading in front of a fan is about all I can manage) my grand total was only 26 – pretty sad considering the last few years I have read over 40 a year and 2012 was the National Year of Reading O_o

I did manage to finish a few great books at the last-minute (Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith; The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff; Soulless by Gail Carriger; and I finally finished the Neo-Noir anthology, Blood, Guts & Whiskey) which meant I could still choose my Top 10 of the year and Annual Award recipients (which I will post ASAP) but it was still a pretty disappointing total.

In the first few days of 2013 I chose a set of new books to read: one from my Bought-But-Have-Yet-To-Read pile – The Journey (Guardians of Ga’Hoole, Book 2) by Kathryn Lasky;

Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 2: The Journey by Kathryn Lasky

one from my Library Books pile – Mammals by Pierre Mérot;

mammalsand one from the pile of books that I’ve borrowed from my friend Sarah – Death Before Wicket (Phryne Fisher Mysteries, Book 10) by Kerry Greenwood

death before wicketplus I also have two reads which I’ve carried over from 2012: Pyramids (Discworld, Book 7) by Terry Pratchett


and a book that I fear will be on my bedside table forever since It’s already been there since May and I’ve only read two stories out of it – Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe.

Tales of mystery and imagination

I’ve already gotten really into all three of my new reads so hopefully that’s a good sign for the year ahead, at least reading-wise!

Beloved Bookbaggers, keep thine eyes peeled for my Top 10 Books of 2012 and the 2012 Book Polygamist Awards as well as other little titbits before I’m back to work in February, but for now I wish you all a (belated) Happy New Year and as always:

Happy Reading!

RIP :'(

Some of you may have noticed that last Saturday was lacking a Save The Words Saturday post – especially their biggest fan cricketmuse. I’m guessing that if you did notice you probably just thought that I forgot, or that since its now 2013, Save The Words Saturdays were no more (after all, they were only meant to be a special feature for the National Year of Reading).

Initially I had planned to end all the National Year of Reading features after 2012, but they have been so popular (in fact because of the Save The Words posts cricketmuse nominated me for another blogger award! More on that soon 😉 ), and don’t take up much of my time (plus I enjoy doing them) that I had decided to continue them. The only problem is – no longer exists 😥 😥 :'(.

crying girl meme

I have been doing the Save The Words Saturdays in bulk and scheduling them ahead of time so I haven’t actually been on the site for months, but when I tried to go there last Friday to pick a new bunch of weird and wonderful words and the website didn’t appear after several tries I just thought the link was broken or my stupid, old laptop was acting up. When a google search didn’t dredge up the site, but instead several pages of people asking where it had gone my heart sank. I went to the top result which was the Facebook page and found what I feared – has been shut down and now only exists on a web archive (which I can’t figure out) and in the hearts of the Logophiles who miss it.

Upon hearing this news I was determined that the Save The Words Saturdays would still live on and I went trawling the web for sites similar to While there were heaps of wonderful sites that showcase forgotten words, none of them attracted me as much as savethewords and none were right for the Save The Words Saturdays.

I still want to do a regular feature which promotes increasing your vocabulary, knowledge of words and the etymology of language, but at the moment I’m not sure what that will entail and when It will begin.

My current idea is either to focus more on the etymology of common words and sayings (using The Dictionary Series by Linda & Roger Flavell which resides in one of our lounge room bookshelves) or one of my favourite quirks of the English language – Collective Nouns. I have to research and think on the problem a little longer before I decide what to do (if its manageable I may even do regular features on both etymology AND Collective Nouns 😉 ) but in the meantime feel free to voice your own opinions and suggestions in the comments.

To avoid further disappointments I will be updating all the Save The Words Saturday posts so that people know that the parent site no longer exists and removing all the broken links. will be sorely missed but at least I have helped it live on a little bit by shining my little interwebs light on 49 of the forgotten words it tried to save.

Bye bye bizarre words 😦

No matter what I post in the future I hope that those of you who enjoyed Save The Words Saturdays will continue to look for, and learn about words that are close to extinction and I wish you all:

Happy Reading!


Notable Quotable #35

We have run through the dark orange days of July, run through the summer morning soft as mouse fur, through the drizzle, through the baking heat, through the scent of wakening gardenia, under the wisteria, draped on the covered bridge.

  • The Running Buds (Big Tom, Little Thom, Johann, Sol, Doug, Frankie), The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff, pg. 145.monstersoftempleton