Notable Quotable #40

‘I’ll just mention that you are very wealthy and childless and thinking of a bequest. Then your only problem will be drying off your shoes.’ Phryne raised an eyebrow. ‘Wet with all that drooling,’ he explained.


Notable Quotable #39

The other owls were already up and standing at the rim of the hollow. The wall certainly was weeping. Glistening with wetness, it appeared shimmering, almost fiery as the setting sun turned its ice into liquid flames of pink, then orange and red.


Notable Quotable #38

The uncle is a vast reservoir of alcohol. On pathetic, human Sundays people come here to fish for joy and discontent. There are snack bars and French fries. People go boating, steering yellow and red pecalos towards the leafy shade and the laughter. These delightful attractions account for the exuberant size of his belly.