Exciting developments in the world of the Book Polygamist!

Hello my wonderfully patient Bookbaggers!

This is just a quick update post to show you all that I’m alive, I haven’t forgotten you, and there will be more Book Polygamist fun on the way.

The reason I have been decidedly absent for a few weeks is that I started work two weeks earlier than I had originally expected. Initially I had counted on those two weeks to get my sleeping pattern back on track as the summer holidays had turned me into a bit of a Night Owl/Zombie hybrid, and to indulge in fun, frivolous stuff such as reading and writing more blog posts (maybe even getting onto some old reviews *gasp*!) before jumping into full-time Librarian Assistant-ing. Alas, this was not meant to be and while I am happy to be back at work and earning money (to buy more books :P) the early start also meant I had no time to finish some posts I wanted to do like the Top 10 Books of 2012; the 2012 Book Polygamist Awards; the first Micro Reviews from Planet Procrastination since the poll ended; and the new evolutions of the Save the Words Saturdays.

While I do not have as much time on my hands I can assure you that these posts will happen as soon as I can manage (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), but for now I have a couple of announcements:

  1. I have decided that the next generation of word-promotion features (to replace the deceased Save the Words Saturdays) will be two-fold and currently will not be regular in the same way (once a week) but more like a few times a month. In time if they are popular I’ll see to making them a more regular feature.
  2. The new features are: Adventures in Etymology! which will shine a light on a particular everyday word (chosen because It has popped up in one or more of my reads, or has otherwise drawn my attention), its common meanings, and the history behind it; and Collective Nounitude! which will showcase a new collective noun (a word used to describe a group of something, commonly animals) of my choosing (again this may be a collective noun of an animal that has made a few appearances in my reading or everyday life, or just whatever takes my fancy. I will roll out these new features as soon as I decide on their design and content
  3. I am going to do something very special for the 2nd anniversary of Book Polygamist (since the 1st anniversary came and went with no celebration) on the 5th of March: a competition with prizes!!! 😀
    I will be giving away one of my Top 10 Books of 2012 (of your choice) to one lucky Bookbagger! More details will follow but basically all you’ll need to do is follow me in whatever way suits you (via WordPress, email or Networked Blogs on Facebook), if you aren’t already a follower, like the competition page (when it’s up) and either in the comments or an email (email address details to follow) tell me which book you’d like and why. Currently I’m not sure if I will pick the winner (and maybe a runner-up that gets a bookmark?) based on your reasons, or if I’ll put all the names in a hat and pick a random winner, since some of my followers are friends and I don’t want to seem biased. At the moment if you have any opinion on which is the fairest method of picking the winner please say so in the comments 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. Since this has been a comparatively boring post with no pictures, here’s a Nyan cat library card:

nyan cat library card

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