Book Polygamist conquers the Book of Faces and fancies up some features

Hello Bookbaggers one and all!

This is just a quick update to let you all know about a few exciting developments 😀

  1. Book Polygamist is finally on Facebook! All new posts will be automatically shared to the page, but I will also be posting/sharing unique stuff like links, pictures and the like, and via my likes you can find other blogs I follow, my fave authors and books, online comics and websites I love etc. So if you have a Book of Faces account get on there – I made it as a special hub for Bookbaggers besides Book Polygamist itself 🙂Book Polygamist on Facebook
  2. I have created some banners for the following features: The Micro Reviews From Planet Procrastination; Adventures in Etymology; and Collective Nounitude. I’ve already updated the first Adventures in Etymology and Collective Nounitude posts to include the banners, and the Micro Reviews one is on the first rebooted post which went up today 🙂
  3. I have also created two new pages: one for Regular Features, and one for Awards, both the ones I’ve received and ones I have given out (the Annual Book Polygamist Awards and Top 10 Reads of the year)
  4. I can now be contacted via the official Book Polygamist email address: bookpolygamist(AT)gmail(DOT)com
  5. The blogiversary/competition post has been written and scheduled to go up at midnight on the 5th of March 😀

That’s it for now, so as always I wish you:

Happy Reading! xo

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