Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me and all my Bookbaggers! :D

Salutations one and all! Welcome to  a very special event: Book Polygamist’s 2nd Blogiversary!!

To celebrate I will be doing my first giveaway competition where one of you will get the book of their choice off my Top 10 Reads of 2012 list plus a bookmark, and two runner-ups will also get a bookmark!! YAY! Bookmarks are fun!!

According to The Wedding Anniversary site the traditional gift for a 2nd anniversary is cotton/straw and the modern one is china O.O hmmm seems like this competition would’ve been more suited to the 1st anniversary (since the traditional gift is paper) but oh well.

In case you haven’t read my Top 10 Reads of 2012 the choices are:

1. The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternThe Night Circus

2. American Gods by Neil GaimanAmerican Gods by Neil Gaiman

3. The Raven’s Heart by Jesse Blackadderravens heart

4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Leeto-kill-a-mockingbird-by-harper-lee

5. Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbinsstill life with woodpecker

6. Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjaliansecrets-of-eden

7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collinshungergames

8. Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsCover - Catching Fire

9. Mockingjay by Suzanne CollinsMOCKINGJAY-jacket

10. The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groffmonstersoftempleton

How to enter/how this will go down:

1. First off if you don’t already follow Book Polygamist please do so 🙂 If you’re a WordPresser then just click the “Follow” button at the top of the page. If not you can follow me on Networked Blogs (via Facebook) by clicking on the widget at the side of the page, or by email subscription (also at the side of the page). You’re also welcome (AKA encouraged; pressured; sad-pleading-puppy-dog-eyed) to Like me on my brand spanking new Facebook page, or subscribe to my RSS feed

2.  Like this post so I know exactly who has entered at a glance

3.  In the comments (or if you’d prefer email me at bookpolygamist(AT)gmail(DOT)com) tell me how you follow me (so you’re easy to find 🙂 ); the book off my Top 10 that you want; the reason you want to read/own that book; and a vague subject matter for the bookmark (i.e. I like fairies; something a bit badass; I hate those zodiac ones/I love those zodiac ones [I’m a Leo] etc. etc.). Please include your prefered email address with your comment as once I have announced the winners I will contact them via email to acquire delivery info

4.  Inspired by Natalie Dee of STUFF I PUT ON MYSELF: a make-up blog I will be assigning every entrant a number starting at 01, in the order of receiving/reading your comment or email. I’ll then put the numbers through a random number generator with the first generated number being the grand prize winner and the next two being the runner-ups. I thought this was a nice and fair system rather than just picking the ones I liked the most (pretty darn biased) or putting your names in a hat (pretty out-dated and easy to cheat). If the first winner is chosen again for one of the runner-ups I will generate a new number. Even if its random it’s not fair if one Bookbagger gets all the goods

5.  You have from the moment this post goes up until the end of the month to enter. On the 1st of April (according to the Perth, Western Australia timezone) I will not accept anymore entries. The numbers will then be crunched and I will announce the winners in a follow-up post as soon as possible

6.  The books will come from bookdepository.co.uk for a few reasons:
A. I love Book Depository
B. They’re cheap but of good quality
C. They deliver really quickly so I can receive your book and send it out to you nice and swift

7.  All books will be paperback and will have the cover shown above, except for Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian because I couldn’t find that cover on book depository. The cover I chose for Secrets of Eden is this. As you all know I am finickity when it comes to covers, and I totally understand if you are too, so If you desire a different cover from the one shown let me know in the comment/email (along with a picture of your desired cover) and I will endeavour to get that one instead

8.  Once I have announced the winners I will contact them via email and ask for their best delivery address to send the prize(s) to and they will be sent out ASAP. Estimated delivery times will be discussed, but keep in mind I’ve never done a competition before so I’m just kind of flailing around during this process

So there you go!

I hope that all of that made sense and I look forward to reading your entries 😀

If you have any questions/queries/concerns/grumbles/funny animal pictures feel free to send me an email at bookpolygamist(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Happy Competition Entering!!!

24 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me and all my Bookbaggers! :D

  1. Vasiliki says:

    Heyy 🙂
    1. Well, as you know i’m already following you through wordpress,facebook and also have you on my RSSOwl 🙂
    2. [check]
    3. email: booksowlsandtea at gmail dot com
    mmm owls? 😛 but if there’s nothing with owls or tea, then… anything dark, or witchy or zombies :O lol 😛 you pick, i like everything i mentioned 🙂
    as for a book, i choose Still Life with Woodpecker. A love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarette? :O Actually, that’s all i had to read from the synopses to know i want to read this 😛
    5. You’re going to announce the winner on April Fools Day? :O Awesome 😛
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂


    • Lol you always make me laugh! XD congrats on being the first competition entrant! I’ve noted your choices and you’ve been assigned the number 01. Good luck! Still Life With Woodpecker was a highly original book that exercised my mind and my funny bone so its a great choice 🙂 also I didnt even realise the whole April Fools thing! Perhaps I’ll have to post the winners the day after (or maybe just a reassuring post so they know it wasn’t a joke!)


      • Vasiliki says:

        yay thank you:) April Fools is such a fun day 😛 Although usually i’m the one that gets pranked 😛 I can’t believe i didn’t tell you Happy Blogiversary before! :O Well i wish you many more to come and lots and lots of success!! 🙂
        I’ll share this post 🙂


      • Tammy Sparks says:

        Oh duh, yes! I forgot about the contest. I guess my first choice of book would be American Gods, because I don’t actually own that book, and I’m dying to read it. As far as bookmarks go, I’m not sure what you’re asking for exactly, but I do like anything scary:) Hope that helps. Thanks so much! tamsparks(at)att(dot). Oh, and my WordPress user name is booksbonesbuffy.


      • Excellent choice Tammy! Bookmark-wise I’m just looking for general stuff you’d like in/on a bookmark, so “anything scary” works 🙂 so your email is tamsparks(at)att(dot)com I’m guessing? or dot uk? You are officially entrant number 02 – good luck!


  2. angelicreader says:

    Well well well… Happy Blogiversary to you. May you have many many more!
    As I am sure you know, I am a wordpresser and an avid follower of yours.
    I believe you already have my email address (the horiffic non-linker – which I have figured out, THANKS!)
    I would love the Hunger Games – cover is not an issue as I will just buy the follow up novels with the same type of cover.
    Bookmark? Surprise me 🙂 There is very few things I would not like!
    I think it is great that your doing a give away…

    And in case I haven’t said it recently, really great blog!
    Your Bookbagger


  3. Una says:

    happy anniversary Jess 🙂
    Lovely memories of the first time i met u ~ u were about 4 sitting on the couch happily reading!
    i choose the Monsters of Templeton … cos u said I’d like it and I luv Still Life with Woodpecker 🙂 hope this suffices as an entry as got old peoples confusion issues ? … Good on ya 🙂


    • Hi Una! That’s most of what I need – If you could like the post too that would be great coz then I know from a glance how many people have entered (there should be a “Like” button at the end before comments) and also what kind of bookmark would you like if you win the main prize of one of the runner-ups? Since you live around the corner from me I don’t need an email coz I won’t need to get your postal details, so that’s about it 🙂 You’re officially entrant 04 – good luck and thanks for entering (and sharing your lovely first memory of me 🙂 <3)


  4. Sarah says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Wow, two years already?! That went quickly!
    I have you on email, Twitter, Facebook…All the things! (except RSS)
    I have liked this on Facebook but I haven’t started my fantasy “Don’t be a Dick” blog yet, hehe.
    I would probably go for either the Neil Gaiman or the first Hunger Games because Neil Gaiman is awesome and I don’t own the HG. As for book mark….anything that isn’t a receipt or one of my pay slips, which are my most common bookmarks 😛
    Oh, and I’m gonna go ahead and assume you know my email? Or like…have that written down somewhere…


    • Lol yes indeedy I have your email, but if you win I can just txt you anyways 😛 Do you have a preference between American Gods or The Hunger Games?

      I reckon the Don’t Be a Dick blog would be awesome – I’d definitely follow you 🙂

      Oh! And one last thing – can you like this post, or is that only possible if you’re a WordPresser?

      Laters Brosephine 🙂


  5. Sarah. says:

    I think it only works if I’m a wordpresser cuz I did it and it stared at me blankly…
    I reckon Neil cuz I think I want HG as ebooks. My auto correct tried to make that ghosts as evils.


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