Collective Nounitude: Spiders

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Most common:

A Cluster or Clutter of Spiders


A Fraid of Spiders (Lol!)

A Rachnid of Spiders (also very good!)

A Tickle of Spiders

A Shriek of Spiders

A Squirm of Spiders

A Fear of Spiders

A Shudder of Spiders

A Web of Spiders

A Lurk of Spiders

A Stampede of Spiders

A Bastard of Spiders (lots of spider hate out there!)

A Bungee of Spiders (hehe!)

A Cuddle of Spiders (aw!…and yet *shudder*)

An Octet of Spiders

A Bath of Spiders

A Tuffet of Spiders (another good one!)

A Skitter of Spiders

A Scrabble of Spiders

An Arachnophobia of Spiders

A Horror of Spiders

A Nightmare of Spiders

A Creep of Spiders

A Tarantula of Spiders

An Eightling of Spiders

A Scream of Spiders

A Crowd of Spiders

My suggestions:

Wow pretty much everything has been covered….

A Congregation of Spiders

A Nest of Spiders (as when they’re in a group its usually a mother with hatchlings)

A Drift of Spiders (when the babies drift off in the wind to a new home)

A Usefulness of Spiders (they are in my house anyway!)


Baby Spiders by ~Elgaladwen (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission.

Reason for choice:

Reading Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman



2 thoughts on “Collective Nounitude: Spiders

  1. Vasiliki says:

    hahaha A Fraid of Spiders :PP
    I really don’t like spiders, they creep me out and i can’t kill them :S When i still lived with my parents, i always called my mom to kill them, now that i’m alone i freak out every time i see a spider in the house :S it practically takes half a roll of kitchen paper for me to kill the smallest spider because i can’t stand the feeling of “crushing” something :S i hate all bugs 😛 i mean, i’m fine with them if they are outside and stay away from me 😛


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