Do you challenge me Sir?

Salutations my bodacious Bookbaggers!

After being inspired by some of my fellow book bloggers such as Billie (AKA Vasiliki of Book, Owls and Tea) and Angelique (AKA angelicreader of Why I Can’t Stop Reading) I have decided to embark on a couple of reading challenges!

What challenges? Are they ones I can join too?

(you may ask…or I may ask on your behalf).

What great questions! How clever you are to come up with them!

The challenges I’m entering aren’t the fabulous high-profile ones my fellow bloggers are bravely conquering, such as the 2013 TBR Pile challenge; the 2013 Feminists Reads challenge; or Billie’s very impressive 1,000,000 Pages Challenge, but are just two little challenges I’ve set myself to get through a hanger-on book and mix up my reading patterns a little.

You are welcome to join in the challenges too if you like, and I’ve made little challenge badges that you can display if you do want to join me 🙂

So what are the challenges?!

Wow, pushy much? I’m getting there shouty headings!

The challenges I’m starting are:

The Poe.My.God! Challenge challenge badge

This is basically a challenge to finally finish Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe which I have been “reading” for nearly a year. I say “reading” because I have only embarked on a hand-full of reading sessions with the book and the rest of the time it has done a bang up job supporting the rest of my currently reading pile. It’s not that it’s not a good book – it is Poe after all – but I don’t tend to dip into collections of short stories very often, and I’m not usually in the mood for Poe as while he’s a great author, the language used can be a bit dry and harder to absorb, the book was published using a typewriter-style typeface so it’s not as easy to read as modern books, and it’s a fairly large and heavy hardcover so I can’t really carry it around in my handbag (which is my usual strategy for books I’m struggling with). Over the last month or so I’ve tried to read at least one story a week, but as its a strictly at-home book, and I’m usually too tired to read before bed, I have only done so on weekends when I had spare time. Then after reading a post on Books, Owls and Tea where Billie started a Grimm’s fairy tales challenge and commenting about how it was a great idea, we chatted about the fact that we had both been stuck on Tales of Mystery and Imagination for ages and I decided I wanted to officially challenge myself so that It wasn’t a permanent fixture on my bedside table!

Last weekend I realised I had exactly 20 stories left, and that if I read 4 a week I would be finished before the dreaded 1 year mark (the 14th of May), so I have given myself the goal of reading 4 stories a week, and to try to finish before the 14th of May! This week I have only read one, but I hope to make that up at some point 🙂

The Comic Companions Challenge


This challenge I started unofficially last weekend when I chose a new book (Married With Zombies by Jesse Petersen) and at the same time started a Graphic Novel since I had so many tasty ones sitting there that I wanted to read. The Graphic Novel I chose was Fray by Joss Whedon (writer), Karl Moline (pencils), Andy Owens (inks), Dave Stewart (colours) and Michelle Madsen (colours and text) as seen in a recent Notable Quotable and soon to be featured in a Micro Review from Planet Procrastination adventure (the one after the next one), and I enjoyed it so much that I devoured the whole collection over a couple of hours. I then decided since I had quite a few unread Graphic Novels sitting there (I currently have the first three Sandman volumes by Neil Gaiman out from the library; a collection of Clive Barker stories made into a Graphic Novel omnibus borrowed from my friend Sarah; and the first volume of Soulless, the manga adaptation of Gail Carriger‘s Parasol Protectorate that I recently bought at Oz Comic Con) every time I start a new book, I will also start a Graphic Novel 🙂

This one doesn’t really have an end goal, but I’ll do it as long as there are Graphic Novels there for me to enjoy – I may even make it a year-long challenge so I can find more wonderful Graphic Novels once my pool runs out.

As I said earlier, any of you are welcome to join me in either challenge and use the above badges if you like, and you’re welcome to fiddle with the “rules” to your heart’s content 🙂

Stay tuned for updates on how my first official challenges are fairing, as well as the regular goodies, and as usual:

Happy Reading!

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