Challenges Update #2

Greeting my weird and wonderful troupe of Bookbaggers!

If you read my last challenges update you will know that I’ve been on term break last week (*GRIN*) which meant that I got to lounge around and read a whole lot ūüôā Logically this would also mean that I had more time for blogging, but that is only logical if you aren’t¬†acquainted with my ancient and¬†temperamental laptop. The Zombie laptop, which it’s not-so-affectionately named for the number of times it has risen from the dead, is about 5 years old, has next-to-no memory, and takes forever to do even the simplest tasks, which means I barely use it and save my interwebbing for my fancy smartphone (which has much more power and memory than the Zombie laptop….which is a tad ridiculous) and when It’s quiet at work (this sounds naughty, but is generally acceptable as library work at a college like mine has its ebbs and flows) and the last thing I wanted to do on my break was struggle with it to get some posts up.

Anyway, since I did a fair bit of reading I have some updates on my current challenges for you all: challenge badge

Since my last update I have read 4 more stories:¬†The Mystery of Marie Rog√™t¬†which is a sequel to Murders at the Rue Morgue¬†;¬†The Purloined Letter¬†which is also kind of a sequel, because it features the same detective, Dupin ; The Thousand-and Second Tale of Scheherazade, which may be my favourite, and is¬†certainly the funniest I’ve read so far, as it’s the forgotten tale of Scheherezade (the storytelling sultan’s wife from¬†One¬†Thousand and One Nights¬†¬†which includes stories of Aladdin and Sinbad) which tells of Sinbad’s final adventures, including a long list of seemingly impossible sights and inventions, which are perfectly explainable in Poe’s time (and each one had a footnote so it was quite informative too!)¬†;¬†and then the night before last I read¬†Fall of the House of ¬†Usher¬†which was wonderfully spooky and atmospheric, especially because near the end I was reading during the ad breaks of¬†American Horror Story: Asylum!

I now have 14 stories left and 13 days before the dreaded 1 year mark (14 if I don’t mind reaching 1 year exactly :/) so I’m a bit behind, and I’m going to try and read one each day. I’ve already failed this a little as i didn’t read a story yesterday, and the¬†likelihood¬†of me reading any this weekend is slim because I’m going to two comedy gigs with friends, but I will do it somehow!


On the Comic Companions front I’m doing much better! After reading¬†The Sandman volume 1:¬†Preludes and Nocturnes¬†by¬†Neil Gaiman¬†I finished Married with Zombies¬†by¬†Jesse Petersenmarriedwithzombies

so I started to read Among Others by Jo Waltonamong others
and picked¬†The Sandman volume 2: The Doll’s House¬†by¬†Neil Gaiman¬†as the Comic Companion


I finished that quick smart (I started one night and read the rest the next morning) and I wanted to read the 3rd volume Dream Country ASAP because that was the only one I had read previously (I borrowed it over and over from the library when I was a kid) and I wanted to see if it was a different experience when done straight after its predessesors (it was much less confusing, plus more age appropriate now).

So, to make it feel like I wasn’t cheating I read two of the little books I bought at¬†¬†Oxford Street Books,¬†The Amber Amulet¬†by¬†Craig Silvey


and The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufmanthe-tiny-wife

and made The Sandman volume 3: Dream Country by Neil Gaiman the Comic Companion


I read all three on my last day of holidays which was a nice way to farewell the break ūüôā

Alas, my local library doesn’t have any more Sandmans until volume 7, so I’ll have to rustle up the next three at another library, or buy them (I found a very tempting collection for sale on book depository, but it says “includes all 10 volumes” when there is 11 so I’m not so sure about that) for when I next start a new book, but I do still have the Clive Barker Omnibus, and the manga of Soulless so I’m fairly set ūüôā

That’s it for now but stay tuned for upcoming Collective Nounitude and Adventures in Etymology posts as well as a couple of Micro Reviews from Planet Procratination installments, and some long neglected reviews once I’ve decided on a new review format that¬†I’ve¬†been thinking over (including a more interesting rating system), but in the meantime:

Happy Reading!


Notable Quotable # 62

The birds still shouted, the cars complained, and a few metres away people were talking like talking people everywhere, but where Marge stood she was in a cold and terrifying place.


Notable Quotable # 61

“When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I’ll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave.”


Notable Quotable # 59

It seemed like the late autumn wind blew them in that night, spinning and dizzying from the four corners of the world. It was a bitch wind, knife-sharp and cutting, and it blew bad and cold. And they came with it, scurrying and skittering, like yellow leaves and old newspapers, from a thousand places and from nowhere at all.


Notable Quotable # 58

“People think dreams aren’t real because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams¬†are¬†real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes”