Challenges Update # 6 – We’re getting to the pointy end!

Hello oh splendiferious, fantastical Bookbaggers!

I’m going to cut right to the chase as thinks are getting heated in Challenge-Land! challenge badge

The Poe.My.God! Challenge is reaching its end and I am stubbornly determined that I will win, even though it looks a tad dire.

According to my ammended rules, the challenge must be complete this Saturday the 15th, and since last week I have only read 1 tale of the 6 I had to go. This is because last weekend was quite a fun busy one. On Friday night I went to a birthday shindig for one of my close friends, Renee, which of course then required a day of recovery on Saturday. Should I have been reading some Poe during that recovery period? Quite possibly, but my mind was not up to it and I was tantalizingly close to the end of City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane, so I shirked my Challenge responsibilities (for shame!). Then on Sunday, which is traditionally my day of R & R (Rest and Reading) I was rather occupied elsewhere – getting my third tattoo 😀

Even though the tattoo itself took about 2 hours the rest of my day was spent preparing myself beforehand, going out to lunch with my best friend Sarah after (as she went with me to ogle as a picture miraculously appeared on my skin), hanging out at mine for a few hours chatting, and then tattoo aftercare and slugging in front of the TV in the evening, so Poe sat on my bedside table completely neglected.

On Monday I realised that I had the same amount of stories left as days to read them in, so if I was vigilant and read one tale each day after work I could make up for the weekend. That night I read The Masque of the Red Death (which usurps The Thousand-and Second Tale of Scheherazade as my favourite tale so far. It was a deliciously creepy and atmospheric story of a flamboyant Prince who closes his doors to the outside world when a horrific plague sweeps through, and instead of helping his ailing subjects throws an elaborate party for all his well-to-do friends who all get their comeuppance in the end), but while I have had good intentions marinating away in the back of my mind I did not carry on that pattern on Tuesday or Wednesday.

To force myself into reading the tales before Saturday’s end, I have banished all other books from my bag and despite its heft taken Tales of Mystery and Imagination with me to work so I may read it on my compute or lunch break. Most of the 5 remaining stories are fairly brief, so I am confident that I will be able to read some today and tomorrow and finish the tome on Saturday as scheduled! Wish me luck!


There has been a tiny bit of Comic Companions action, because I of course finished City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane

city of ghosts

and chose a new read from my library pile, and a graphic novel to go with it (I’ll get to them below as they’re my first to reads picked from the Jar O’ Books :D). As another side effect of my busy weekend I haven’t started either yet, but I suspect I will this weekend as I don’t have any definite plans and then they’ll feature in my next update 🙂


Because I finished a book last weekend I was able to try out my new choosing strategy for June/July for the first time 🙂 I let Sarah choose the first one since she was excited to do so (like me she is amused and/or thrilled by small things :P) and from the blue library book slips of paper she picked:

The obsidian dagger - Jar O' Books June/July

The Obsidian Dagger: Being the Further Extraordinary Adventures of Horatio Lyle (Horatio Lyle #2) by Catherine Webb

Then the next day I realised I also had to pick a graphic novel so out of the green slips I picked:

White Tiger - Jar O' Books June/July

White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion (White Tiger, Issue # 1) by Tamora Pierce  and Timothy Liebe (writers) and Philippe Briones (penciler).

As I said above I haven’t gotten to them yet but I’m pretty stoked to read my first two completely random, chosen-from-a-jar reads 🙂

That’s it for now, stay tuned for all the usual things and eternally I wish you all:

Happy Reading!

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