Collective Nounitude: Cats

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Cats by *twapa (DeviantART) used with artist's permission

Cats by *twapa (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission

Most Common:

A Clowder of Cats


A Clutter of Cats

A Cluster of Cats

A Glaring of Cats

A Pounce of Cats

A Comfort of Cats

A Chowder of Cats

An Indifferance of Cats

A Curiosity of Cats

A Lol of Cats (Ha!)

A Boss of Cats

A Nap of Cats

A _____ of Cats (Ok…)

An Unhappiness of Cats

A Disdain of Cats

A Concatenation of Cats

An Inconvinience of Cats

A Suffocation of Cats

A Scowl of Cats

A Belittle of Cats

A Hairball of Cats

A Pussygalore of Cats

A Superiority of Cats

A Daub of Cats

A Governance of Cats

A Scatter of Cats

A Shreik of Cats

A Yowling of Cats

A Langour of Cats

A Cornucopia of Cats (that one creates a hilarious image!)

A Distraction of Cats

A Destruction of (Wild) Cats

A Dout of (House) Cats

A Nusaince of (House) Cats

A Kendle of Cats (Kittens)

A Kindle of Cats (Kittens)

A Litter of Cats (Kittens)

An Intrigue of Cats (Kittens)

A Sackful of Kittens ( 😦  😡 )

A Squirm of Kittens

A YouTube of Kittens

A Cute of Kittens

A Mewling of Kittens

A Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt of Kittens

A Mewl of Kittens

A Tribble of Kittens (Lol!)

A Sack Load of Kittens (again – 😦 + 😡 )

My suggestions:

Holy cow there is a lot out there already! More than Spiders!

I’ll try to come up with a few new ones:

A Stretch of Cats

A Lounge of (House) Cats

A Spit of (Feral/Wild) Cats

A Fluff of Kittens

big cats by *koyamori (DeviantART) used with artist's permission

big cats
by *koyamori (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission

Reason for choice:

This one is purely from my day-day life and not inspired by my reads at all, BUT! I have read quite a few books featuring fancy felines so that makes it ok. The day-to-day life reason is that me and my best friend Sarah were discussing why cats often go away somewhere to die when they’re old and sick (as you do when you have minds as twisted as ours) and that led to what a group of cats was called because I had the theory that in a group of feral cats, dying near their “home” would bring disease and scavengers so it would be in the best interest of the group to remove oneself from the area. We looked it up, exclaimed about how “a destruction of wild cats” had a great ring to it, then Sarah suggested I make it my next collective noun, and voila!


Wikipedia (Cats) (Kittens)


4 thoughts on “Collective Nounitude: Cats

    • Ooo yes I like that one! I often encounter an acquaintance of cats on my street since we have a “crazy cat lady” (who is actually just a nice lady who’s fond of cats and accepting of all who come to stay) on the corner.


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