Challenges update #9 – the joys of being on holiday with a useless arm

Hello sorely missed Bookbaggers – long time no….well anything, to be honest.

As those of you who follow my random ramblings (that’s a bit of a tongue twister) may have noticed I have been completely absent for over a month now, since my last update. The first two weeks can be explained away pretty easily. As I said in the last post I was on holiday during the semester break and would probably be luxuriating and neglecting my blogger duties. The rest of the time? Well lets just say that’s less because of choice, lazyness and the joy of relaxing and more because of a continuing shoulder issue which makes typing not so fun, a very hectic first couple of weeks back at work, and another attack from some sort of plague flu.

But! I am back and (somewhat) well so I thought I should let you know I wasn’t dead and that I haven’t abandoned books and blogging 🙂

I’ll start of with a bit of a recap of my holiday and challenge-related news:

My holiday was nice of course, but did feel more like I was on sick leave than a well-earned break. This was because I finally had time to really look into what the fark was wrong with my shoulder, which had already been hurting for a couple of weeks, and resulted in an obscene amount of time and money spent going to doctors appointments, getting an x-ray and ultrasound and being pummeled by a Physiotherapist a few times a week. As a result I couldn’t do much, but what I could do was luckily my idea of a fun holiday – namely watching TV/DVDs, catching up with friends more regularly (*GASP* on week nights!) and of course reading 🙂


Firstly I finished the final few stories in the graphic adaptation of Poe I had started when you last heard from me:


Nevermore by Edgar Allan Poe , Ian EdgintonJamie DelanoJohn Reppion, and Leah Moore (writers) and D’IsraeliJames (Jim) FletcherJohn McCreaShane Oakley and Steve Pugh (artists).

The final 6 tales (The Murders in the Rue Morgue; The Fall of the House of Usher; The Black Cat; The Oval Portrait; The Tell-Tale Heart; and The Masque of the Red Death finished off will a short biography of Poe) were so good that I finished them in one sitting on the first night of my holidays.


As most of my books were still in their early-ish stages I didn’t manage to finish any over the break, however I did start a new one just for shits and giggles (and because I was bursting to read it and then pass it on to Sarah who is also hooked :P):


Sacrificial MagicBook 4 in the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane 🙂 It wasn’t quite as engrossing from day dot like the last one, but it was still exciting and addictive and I finished it just the other day.

Since I cheated and started a book without picking from the jar, I thought it only fair to pick a Comic Companion through proper channels so I got my lovely assistant Sarah to pick a green slip out of the Jar which was:

beatles graphic

The Beatles Graphic by Hervé Bourhis 😀 I was very pleased with that choosing as it sounded and looked just brill, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! It was fabulous holiday reading and I was practically glued to the pages for three days reading all kinds of facts about one of my favourite bands (many which I didn’t know since they had sadly come and gone before my time) written and illustrated by a lifelong fan who gave his own unique perspective to the phenomena, especially from a European point-of-view (as he’s french) and wrote short reviews for each and every album/single release! Look out for my mini review in a Micro Reviews from Planet Procrastination in the future 😉

Now, as you probably have noticed it’s not longer June/July, so my Jar Full ‘O Books June/July Challenge should be kaput now right? Well, I’ve picked 6 books/graphic novels from the jar over that time which is ok, but there is still a whole lot in there (at least 30) and I have enjoyed it so much that I made an executive decision:


That’s right Bookbaggers/lovers of crazy-choosing-out-of-a-jar-shenanigans! I have extended the challenge for another month, again just for shits and giggles 🙂 Sarah will be pleased to know her jar choosing duties have not been made redundant just yet 😛 And since I am a fickle beast, don’t be shocked if come September I extend it even more because that’s just how I roll!

That’s it for now – I promise I won’t disappear into the wide blue yonder again anytime soon, however thanks to my slowly recovering shoulder I may be posting a little less often – especially in the arena of longer posts.

Until then I bid you all:

Happy Reading!

P.S. I’m getting a bit sick of my sign off, especially as it is used by other book bloggers which makes me feel like a rotten copy-cat. I will be brain-storming a new one but until then I welcome any strange or funny suggestions in the comments or if you’re shy shoot me an email at bookpolygamist(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂


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