Challenges Update # 10 – a Preemptive Pick

Hello again my highly esteemed Bookbaggers!

Last weekend I was getting deliciously close to the end of two books – one which I had been reading for ages (since January O.O) and one that I only started a few weeks ago – and while I could’ve been patient and waited until I was done before picking new reads from the Jar O’ Books, me and patience have never been close and my semi-official jar chooser, Sarah, was over so I thought why not pick preemptively and see what was in store for my reading future 🙂 As it turns out a lack of patience was a virtue in this instance because Sarah picked a few really exciting books and graphic novels which made reading the final chapters of the two books that much sweeter.



My most close-to-finished read of the two was the one I had been reading virtually all year, and also happened to be one borrowed from Sarah:


Kraken by China Miéville; and close in second was a book from the library:

obsidian dagger

The Obsidian Dagger by Catherine Webb, so I asked Sarah to pick a red slip (books borrowed from friends….but mostly from her), a blue slip (library books of which I had seven more out O.O) and two green slips (graphic novels) to be Comic Companions.

She picked the two green slips first which were both Graphic Novels I had purchased a while ago from one of my favourite bookstores, Kaleido Books:

Alice in wonderland + the book of human insects - Jar O' Books

Sorry for the slightly shit-tastic photo – I killed my camera shortly after it returned from a prosperous European journey with Sarah (as you do when you’re as clumsy as me) and had to take it with my phone

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll , Lewis Helfand (writer/adapter) and Rajesh Nagulakonda (artist) and The Book of Human Insects by Osamu Tezuka 😀

For the blue slip she picked:

House of many ways - Jar O' Books

Still not that clear, but wait til you see the next one O.O

House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones which is the third and last book in the Howl’s Castle series and a book that I have borrowed and re-borrowed an embarrassing number of times without getting to,

and for the red slip she picked:

Wow. That's probably the worst of the lot - and this was the "good" one out of the few I took O.O you get the idea tho...right? Book. Red slip with scribbled info on it. All good if a bit blurry....ok a lot blurry....

Wow. That’s definitely the worst of the lot – and this was the “good” one out of the few I took O.O you get the idea tho…right? Book. Red slip with scribbled info on it. All good if a bit blurry….ok a lot blurry….maybe when (if) I revive my camera (or more likely replace it) I’ll re-take it 🙂

Heartless by Gail Carriger, book 4 in the Parasol Protectorate series which I have been loving this year 🙂 making this my favourite of the picks!

I finished Kraken (which was absolutely brilliant in a bizarre-ow-my-brain sort of way) and The Obsidian Dagger (which was a rollicking, crazy, Victorian adventure which had my eyes glued to the page and giggles erupt from my mouth without warning) earlier in the week but I have yet to start my preemptive picks due to boring work busyness. I will probably begin them this weekend though so stay turned for more challenge updates as well as other regular features which spill forth from my twisted, but hopefully lovable mind 😛

Until then:

May your bookbags overflowith!

(as you probably suspected that’s a try-out of a possible new sign-off. I’m not sold on it so feel free to tell me how excellent and original it is, or how woefully clichéd and boring, or to provide me with other possibles, either in the comments or at bookpolygamist(at)gmail(dot)com)

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