Challenge Update # 12 – Week 1 of War & Pages + This Is What Happens When I Say I Won’t Buy Any Books

Greetings my divine, stupendous Bookbaggers!

Welcome to the first update for my new challenge War & Pages 😀 The challenge “officially” started last week but I was a tad lazy and didn’t get around to reading any pages until Sunday, so I’ve counted that Sunday as last week and from now on the weeks will be Monday—Sunday 🙂 war &  pages challenge badge On Sunday I had a nice leisurely day of reading and doing laundry (woooo! living the crazy young single life!) and made the following War & Pages progress:

Catch 22:

30 pages (3 chapters) exactly! (yay for whole numbers! :D)catch22

World War Z:

21 pages (or really 20 pages and 2 bits of pages since how the book is structured, “chapters” don’t always end on a new page)world-war-z-book-cover


51 pages

Yay! At least I made my quota for the first week 🙂 In other news, you know how when I announced my future challenges I said I was going to try not to buy any books over October/November? Well, I thought I should get myself use to that by curbing my book-buying desire from now until all the challenges are over. I even went to my favourite bookstore (which I seem to rave about all the time so its been upgraded from one-of-my-favourites to the currently undisputed favourite), Kaleido Books on Friday after work as a test and said to myself, and to my workmate, Scott, and even to the guy at Kaleido, that I wouldn’t buy any books that day! Yeah……..

Kaleido books purchases As I said to the guy at Kaleido, two of these are Graphic Novels, so they don’t count, and the two books are a children’s one and a humor/non-fiction so they don’t count either…but really, they do count. I’m going to stick to my guns though – all 4 have been added to the jar and will be in the draw until the 1st of October when Old Book October begins, then they will have to wait around collecting dust until the 1st of December, when New Book November finishes. In the meantime I will still try not to buy more books….and probably fail, but I will fail WITH HONOR!!!!!! 😀 Oh! And in case you can’t read all the details in my sub-par phone picture the books I bought are (clockwise from far left): Death: The High Cost of Living  by Neil Gaiman (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciller) and Mark Buckingham (inker),  which is a separate story arc featuring the character of Death from The Sandman Graphic Novels; The Curious Dictionary (Word Hunters # 1) by Nick Earls, and Terry Whidborne (art) which a friend recommended a while back because it’s so my kind of story :); FreakAngels #1 by Warren Ellis (writer) and Paul Duffield (artist) which looks pretty cool; and lastly, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell, which me and my friends already flipped through to giggle and shake our heads in book lover outrage 😛 I also swapped my comics that I had out from work so that others got a chance to borrow them. I returned House of Mystery: Room and Boredom (House of Mystery, Volume # 1) by Matthew Sturges and Bill Wilingham (writers), Jill Thompson (penciler), Luca Rossi (inker) and Todd Klein (letterer) which I’ve had out since the start of the Comic Companions challenge (because I’ve had it for so long I will re-borrow it for Old Book October if it’s still there) plus two I borrowed a while ago but forgot to share with you: burnoutBurnout by Rebecca Donner (writer) and Inaki Miranda (artist), and: silverfish Silverfish by  David Lapham. I then got out three more that I’d been making eyes at: East perth library borrows The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way (writer), Gabriel Bá (artist) and Dave Stewart (colourist);  Seekers into the Mystery #1 – The Little Man With The Knives (The Pilgrimage Of Lucas Hart Part One) by J.M. DeMatteis (writer) and Glenn Barr (artist); and, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (writer), Andrzej Klimowski (writer/adapter, artist) and Danusia Schejbal (writer/adapter, artist). As with my doesn’t-count purchases, these three will be part of the draw until the first of October and then will be put aside (probably also returned for others to enjoy) until December.

That’s it for now 🙂 Watch out for my next update and movements leading up to Old Book October but til then:

ARRRRRR! Avast ye book lubbers!

*Today’s sign-off brought to you by Talk Like A Pirate Day 😀 Celebrate by reading a piratey book while drinking rum, change your Facebook language settings to Pirate, or just randomly spout pirate-isms at work!*


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