Challenges Update # 14 – Week 3 of War & Pages

Greetings my dazzling, sprightly Bookbaggers!

Welcome to third update of War & Pages + other exciting challenge developments 🙂

war &  pages challenge badge

Last weekend was a long one due to a Monday public holiday (it was the Queen’s Birthday holiday, but only in Perth…and her birthday is actually in April…its a little confusing but woo! public holiday!) so I was able to socialize and read more – huzzah! The downside was that I became a bit discombobulated with Sunday feeling like Saturday, Monday feeling like Sunday and Saturday not knowing how to feel, that I didn’t complete my reading for War & Pages until the Monday! Since it was a public holiday and the week was all screwy I decided that Monday still counted as last week and thus I completed my quota sufficiently :P:

Catch 22:


26 pages (2 chapters)

World War Z:


26 pages


62 pages

Woohoo another unintentional perfectly balanced set of numbers! 😀
(I swear I really didn’t do that on purpose and was embarrassingly excited when I discovered it)

In other news, in case you don’t know a certain month-long challenge has officially begun:

Old Books October challenge badge

So far this month I finished one of my current reads:

chasing magic

Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane, and so have my guilty preemptive pick – Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman – ready to start, but I haven’t finished anything else yet. However, Heartless by Gail Carriger has only 4 chapters to go, and World War Z by Max Brooks is similarly nearing the end so this weekend may be when I choose my first books and graphic novels for Old Books October 🙂

I also started reading my Banned Books Week choice – Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi – yesterday (yes, I didn’t even begin it during Banned Books Week :s Darn long weekend!) and went through the whole first half (the copy I borrowed is actually a collection of both the original volumes:  Persepolis #1 – The Story of a Childhood and  Persepolis #2 – The Story of a Return) in one sitting. Almost immediately I was glad I chose it out of the list of banned/challenged books because it is a wonderfully honest and confronting tale of the author’s childhood in Iran during the Islamic revolution and regime change of the early ’80s and the war between Iran and Iraq. I have already learnt a lot about the culture and politics of Iran at the time which I either wasn’t aware of or knew just as flat facts from school, and it has inspired me to read up more on the subject as well as related concepts (i.e. Communism and Marxism). I can’t wait to read the rest of it (which I will probably do this afternoon or tomorrow).

That’s all for now, but brace yourself for a potentially juicy update next week 🙂

Until then:

Live Long and Read!

(Is that sacrilegious to Trekkies? In my mind prospering and reading are synonymous, but as always if you have opinions or other suggestions for a new sign off say so in the comments or hit me up at  bookpolygamist(at)gmail(dot)com or the Facebook page if email isn’t hip enough :P)

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