Challenge Update # 15 – Week 4 of War & Pages and the first Old Books for October!

Well hello there my ravishing, lovable Bookbaggers!

Welcome to fourth update of  War & Pages (and frankly a pretty anticlimactic one!) + the announcement of the first books chosen for Old Books October!

war &  pages challenge badge

The reason this week’s update is a little anticlimactic is that I had a fun and busy weekend, firstly doing a Studio Noah photography session with my dogs on Saturday morning (yes, I know that is a bit weird, but they’re getting old and I wanted at least one really nice photo of them which was done by a professional instead of just grabbing my phone and taking a few blurry shots when they’re being cute) and then just as I was settling down to read for the day, I got a call from my friends inviting me to AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia) and a shop around Hilarys boat harbour! We had a fantastic afternoon oooing and ahhing at sea critters, perusing the quirky little shops (I ended up with 3 pairs of earrings, a broach, a hair-clip bow and other goodies) and ending the adventure with a treat from Cold Rock Icecreamery 🙂 of course afterwards we hung out at theirs until the wee hours and the next day Sarah and I slept until 3pm (Which really messes with your head, time-wise) and chilled the rest of Sunday, so I didn’t read any of either Catch 22 OR World War Z all weekend!

I did read a little bit of World War Z earlier in the week, so it wasn’t a complete failure, but I didn’t come close to my quota:

Catch 22:


0 pages (0 chapters) 😦

World War Z:


15 pages


15 pages

I hope to do better this week, and I’m already on track since I finished the last 40 odd pages of World War Z on Tuesday 🙂

On that note, on to more positive challenge updates:

Old Books October challenge badge

On Sunday I was pretty positive that I would finish both World War Z and Heartless by Gail Carriger during the week so I asked my Official Jar Chooser, Sarah, to pick my first books and graphic novels for Old Books October! Good thing I thought ahead too, because I finished Heartless on Monday, and as I said above, I finished World War Z the day after.

Since both books I was finishing are from the Books-Borrowed-From-Others Pile (Red Slips) I got Sarah to pick 1 new book from that pile, 1 from the Books-I-Own-But-Have-Yet-To-Read Pile (Purple Slips) since that is the largest, and 2 Comic Companions, 1 for each new choice.

The first book she chose, and the one that replaces Heartless is:

guards guards - Old books oct

Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett 

Since I read the last Discworld book at the start of the year, I’m really excited to get into some more Discworld hilarity 😀

And for the Comic Companion:

Sandman season of mists - Old books oct

 The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman (writer),
Kelley JonesMalcolm Jones III
Mike DringenbergMatt WagnerP. Craig Russell,George PrattDick Giordano (artists),
Daniel VozzoSteve Oliff (colourists), and Todd Klein (letterer)

Again, I’m excited to read the next installment of this awesome graphic novel series, and I’m also enjoying the coincidence of the first two choices for Old Books October being from the “published before 2000” part of the challenge 🙂 Plus with a Terry Pratchett offering and a Neil Gaiman one, its like my own personal Good Omens reunion 😛

For the second book which replaces World War Z she picked:

Brisingr - Old books oct

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini 

I am less excited about this because the last book (Eldest) took me forever, and this one is a monster, but I have had it forever and the end of Eldest was good so even if it takes me forever to get through I will do it goddammit!

Then for the Comic Companion she picked:

Free comic book day comics - Old books oct

My little collection of comics my workmate, Scott, picked me up from Free Comic Book Day –
Star Wars: Captain Midnight/Avatar: The Last Airbender ; Mouse Guard /Rust flip book ; and Molly Danger/Princeless 🙂

Since they’re all really short and were included as a bonus anyway I said Sarah could pick another graphic novel which was:

Soulless - old books oct

Soulless by Gail Carriger (writer) and REM (artist)

I am especially pleased about this one as it’s the first volume of the Soulless manga, based on the Parasol Protectorate series (of which Heartless was the fourth) which I absolutely love, and I can’t wait to see how they’ve adapted it visually!

So I have a veritable cornucopia of new (old) reads to start at the moment!

Also, since I’ve chosen books out of the original contenders the list needs to be updated. As Guards! Guards! and The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists were Books Published Before 2000 and not Longest-On-The-Pile Books they don’t get a replacement (ditto the Free Comic Book Day comics since they were a bonus) however, Brisingr and Soulless make way for the next longest on their respective piles.

Here is the update list of contenders:

Books-I-Own-But-Have-Yet-To-Read Pile (Purple Slips)

Longest-On-The-Pile Books:

Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


Books Published Before 2000:

The Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll
(Collection published in 2008 but works collected published from 1865)

The Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (1962)

a clockwork orange

Carrie by Stephen King (1974)


The Shining by Stephen King (1977)

the shining

Books-Borrowed-From-Libraries Pile (Blue Slips)

Longest-On-The-Pile Books:

Forbidden Fruit by  Kerry Greenwood


Skinlane by Neil Bartlett

skin lane

Books Published Before 2000:


Books-Borrowed-From-Others Pile (Red Slips)

Longest-On-The-Pile Books:

Everville by Clive Barker


Sharp Shooter by Marianne Delacour

sharp shooter

Books Published Before 2000:

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton  (1994)


Graphic Novels (Green Slips)

Longest-On-The-Pile Books:

 House of Mystery: Room and Boredom (House of Mystery, Volume # 1)
by Matthew Sturges and Bill Wilingham (writers), Jill Thompson (penciler), Luca Rossi (inker) and Todd Klein (letterer)

House of Mystery

The Unwritten:  Inside Man (The Unwritten Volume # 2)
by Mike Carey (writer) and Peter Gross (artist)


Books Published Before 2000:


That’s it for now 🙂 Stay tuned for the next War & Pages update next week (which will hopefully make up for last weeks abysmal effort!) and anything else that takes my fancy.

Until then:

Reading is Next to Godliness!

(Better than cleanliness in my opinion 😛 If you agree, or not feel free to vent in the comments,  via  bookpolygamist(at)gmail(dot)com or on the Facebook page 🙂 )

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