Well! You Sir Or Madam Are Wrong!

Greetings Bookbaggers!

This is just a minuscule post to express my horror at checking my stats today.

I was casually looking at my top views and searches when I saw this as the uppermost top search term that led someone to the twisted forest of Book Polygamist:

mister god this is anna is crap

Now, regular Bookbaggers will know that Mister God This is Anna by Fynn is one of my favourite books of all time (see me rave about it in these many posts) so it broke my heart that firstly someone would Google (or *insert alternative search engine name here*) that and that secondly it led them to my blog, a place that may be weird and a tad crazy but that only has good things to say about the book. This ill-fated visit may have added an extra number to my hit count, but they certainly didn’t find what they were after.

As a library worker I should accept that people are entitled to their own opinions and taste in books (and generally I am quite accepting of this fact) but It just annoyed and saddened me to see it on my dashboard, bold as brass.

So, to make up for it I thought I’d give the book some more love 🙂

First up is this beautiful cover of a French edition

‹ion‚ðqLd image widthÈLR†

Next is this gorgeous tattoo of Anna (the image is all rights reserved which Is why I’ve linked it instead of sharing the pic directly. It is worth a look though – stunning work)

And lastly, here are some other blog posts/reviews:

Book Review: Mister God, This Is Anna by Fynn on GoodHeart Books

FYNN’s Mister God, This Is Anna on Read and Reviewed

Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn 1974 on Not Now…I’m Reading

Review: Mister God, This is Anna on The Book Lovers

‘Mister God, This Is Anna’ on Snap, Crackle, Pop

So there anonymous searcher! 😛

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