Notable Quotable # 81

To say that Richard Mayhew was not very good at heights would be perfectly accurate, but would fail to give the full picture; it would be like describing the planet Jupiter as bigger than a duck.


Notable Quotable # 80

Conall described being awake the night after (referring to the night after a werewolf changes on the full moon) as akin to playing tiddlywinks, drunk, with a penguin – confusing and slightly dreamlike.

Collective Nounitude: Ghosts

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Jelly Ghosts by ~Whimsnicole (DeviantART) used with artist's permission

Jelly Ghosts by ~Whimsnicole (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission

Most Common:

A Fraid of Ghosts


A Fright of Ghosts

A Haunt of Ghosts

A Haunting of Ghosts

A Scream of Ghosts

A Spook of Ghosts

A Whoooooooooo of Ghosts (hehe)

A Boo of Ghosts

A Spookle of Ghosts

A Preternature of Ghosts

My suggestions:

A Shiver of Ghosts (this suggestion is actually from my workmate, Lewis)

A Wisp of Ghosts

A Wraith of Ghosts

An Unfinished Business of Ghosts

It still haunted her by rustymermaid (DeviantART) used with artist's permission

It still haunted her by rustymermaid (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission

Reason for choice:

Being borderline obsessed with the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane 😛