Happy 3rd Blogiversary To Me And My Tenacious Bookbaggers! :D

Greetings my steadfast, spectacular Bookbaggers!

I came on today to try to finish off and post, at least one of my 2013 Awards, and was reminded by the WordPress fairies that it’s Book Polygamist’s 3rd Anniversary!

My intention was to do a Blogiversary competition again since last year’s was so fun, but with a new job situation I just haven’t had the time to organise it unfortunately 😦

If you’re a regular visitor to the site you probably noticed that I changed my theme to Sorbet which was the only theme that got a vote in the recent poll, so I haven’t disappeared for good and hope to get back to some kind of regular schedule – perhaps when I finally bite the bullet and get a new laptop to replace the one my grandparents gave me on my 21st (as I’m approaching 28 this year it is definitely on its last legs and has been dubbed the Zombie ‘puter for all the times it’s died and inexplicably risen from the dead).

I didn’t want an anniversary to go by without any acknowledgement, so in lieu of a blogiversary comp here’s a few fun things:

A list of 18 obscure books recommended by John Green, author of the best-selling book The Fault in Our Stars (as well as many other books which I keep meaning to read, especially because I love him on the Mental Floss YouTube channel)

Talking about Mental Floss here’s another great one with John talking about weird word origins:

And lastly a couple of nice GIFs:

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of my favorite Giles quotes comes right after this scene – “Xander, don’t speak latin in front of the books” 😛

And lastly one from the highly exciting Doctor Who Christmas special The Time of the Doctor where *spoiler alert* the doctor regenerated

And lastly one from the highly exciting Doctor Who Christmas special The Time of the Doctor where *spoiler alert* the doctor regenerated

I also wanted to thank you all for sticking with me even when there’s nothing but tumbleweeds and crickets on the blog. I now have 132 followers, which isn’t heaps compared to many blogs, but more than I ever expected, and 47 on the Facebook page and I hope that you all have gotten something out of my strange ramblings which only sometimes follow the “rules” of book-blogging.

I hope that Book Polygamist can live to see its 4th blogiversary and I will do everything I can to keep it at least partly afloat 🙂

Hopefully more things will be up soon, but until then I’m gonna get old-school on you are sign-off with:

Happy Reading!

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