Collective Nounitude: Zombies

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Zombie Apocalypse by  Joe-Roberts (DeviantART) used with artist's permission. Check out more of his work at

Zombie Apocalypse by Joe-Roberts (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission. Check out more of Joe’s work on his website:

Most Common:

A Horde of Zombies

(this wasn’t the most common in my searches, but from my experience “zombie horde” is commonly used in books/movies/TV so is the one most people would use/think of and since this isn’t a very official collective noun and a couple of people in forums also agree with horde, I’m sticking with it :P)


A Stagger of Zombies

A Moan of Zombies

A Shamble of Zombies

A Thriller of Zombies

A Shuffle of Zombies

An Apocalypse of Zombies

A Plague of Zombies

A Splatter of Zombies

A Shudder of Zombies

A Hunger of Zombies

A Reek of Zombies

A Shaun of Zombies (Ha!)

A Lurch of Zombies

A Fondness of Zombies

A Zeppelin of Zombies
(well, that’s a terrifying thought!)

A Rotting of Zombies

A Copse of Zombies

A Morgue of Zombies

A Scourge of Zombies

A Death of Zombies

A Sizwe Dhlomo of Zombies
(I had to look this guy up to see why this makes sense/is funny. Apparently he’s a radio/TV presenter and businessman in Africa but I have no idea why someone thought his name would be a good collective noun for zombies O.O)

A Graveyard of Zombies

A Scathe of Zombies

A Stumble of Zombies

A Munch of Zombies

A Chuckle of Zombies

A Bloodthirst of Zombies

An Implacable of Zombies

A Scrum of Zombies

A Decomposition of Zombies

A Shawn of Zombies
(someone already beat you to it guy – and with the right spelling :P)

A Simonpegg of Zombies
(lots of Shaun of the Dead love in the world of collective nouns for zombies!)

A Romero of Zombies

A Swoon of Zombies

A Stench of Zombies

A Brains Trust of Zombies

A Fester of Zombies

A Daze of Zombies

A Shaaamo of Zombies
(I also had to look this one up and I still have no idea what it’s meant to mean…)

A Vexation of Zombies
(I love this one because it sounds like what proper Victorian ladies/gentlemen would pick for a collective noun – “Oh my, these undead are rather vexing aren’t they? Not at all seemly and they do ruin ones tea break most awfully” – plus it comes from this fantastic poster of Supernatural Collective Nouns which has so many rippers!)

My suggestions:

Man, there are so many good suggestions I don’t know if I can come up with any more!

Here goes nothing:

A Herd of Zombies

A Nom of Zombies

A Knash of Zombies

A Void of Zombies
(this may be my fave suggestion because it makes me think of creepy empty eyes, with matching empty brains, plus I know if zombies were a reality I would certainly be avoiding them :P)

Zombies RAR by seandunkley used with artist's permission. Check out more of Sean's work on his Tumblr page -

Zombies RAR by seandunkley (DeviantART) used with artist’s permission. Check out more of Sean’s work on his Tumblr page –

 Reason for choice:

Mainly curiosity, but also because I’ve been reading The Living Dead zombie anthology a lot, and watching The Walking Dead on Tuesdays 🙂

A bunch of different zombie stories by different authors? What's not to love?



(home of the Supernatural Collective Nouns poster 🙂 )
(stumble of zombies, but also has some other great suggestions for horror creatures)

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