Update On The Update Which Has Not Been Updated

Hello again my beloved Bookbaggers!

I profusely apologise for being an absentee blogger. When I posted the mini-update I had high-hopes that my work-life would calm down in the second week back, but alas it was still hectic so I never even got a chance to think about blogging until I got home, where I generally just wanted to wind-down, eat something that required minimal effort and then fall into bed. Last week was slightly better, so I have worked on my epic update when I could, but I wasn’t able to do enough for it to be ready to post Friday.

I didn’t want to be incommunicado for too long so I thought I’d quickly pop in with a tentative hope that the epic update will be posted at the end of this week, and to share some frivolous Friday Monday fun 🙂

Recently Christie over at Bibliophiliacs did a post about the YouTube series Thug Notes and since I watched a few about classics I’ve read (To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Catch 22 etc.) and had a hearty giggle to meself, I thought I’d share the love and giggles around 🙂

This one about Catch 22 was my favourite of the ones I watched, but check out the whole playlist for other gems – I didn’t want to watch any I hadn’t read coz spoilers 😛

Then there is this by the amazing Harto, which has nothing to do with books but made me laugh because as I’ve said before, I am a rubbish lesbian so I could definitely relate #rubbishlesbianproblems #didiseriouslyjustusealonghashtag? #idon’tevenusetwitterreally #STOPNOW

Then some Mental Floss fun with John Green and old slang, coz I love me some odd, out-dated slang yo!

I’m so gonna use Pretzel-Bender now and I think “hot as a half-fucked fox in a forest fire” deserves a place alongside some quality Aussie sayings such as “dry as a dead dingo’s donger”, “flat-out like a lizard drinking” and “go off like a frog in a sock”, which were sadly not included but that may be because they never really fell out of use 😛

Then to nicely tie things together we have Harto AND John Green attempting the Hemingway Challenge and chatting about The Fault In Our Stars film:

That’s it for now my wondrous Bookbaggers!

Stay tuned for the long-awaited update on Friday hopefully, and maybe also some Notable Quotables and junk 🙂

Until then:

baby hercules waving

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