Challenges Update: The Final Weeks of Short and Sweet & 1000+ Pages of Epic Fantasy

Yellow my youthful, yarely Bookbaggers! Welcome to the really belated 11th (and probably final) update of Short and Sweet and 1000+ Pages of Epic Fantasy, in which I tell you the outrageous amount of stuff that has happened since my last update just before semester break that I have been itching to tell you! I am determined […]

The 2013 Book Polygamist Awards!

Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and super-intelligent cats who secretly surf the web while their owner is at work, to the 3rd Annual Book Polygamist Awards! Since 2011 the Awards have been publicly aired on my humble little blog, rather than the bottomless pit of Facebook, or the relative privacy of my book journal, and as long as Book […]

Top 10 Books I Read in 2013

1. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller This was the first book that came to mind when compiling my top books of the year, firstly because I read it for a decent chunk of the year, from mid-January to mid-November, secondly because it was part of my War & Pages challenge, and thirdly because it really was a […]

Challenge Update # 18 – Week 7 of War & Pages + A Wrap-Up of Old Books October and More

Hello again my magical, mysterious Bookbaggers! Welcome to the belated 7th update of  War & Pages + a little wrap-up of Old Books October since New Books November has officially begun, and news about a couple of new books I got that won’t be part of New Books November, but are still exciting 🙂 Last week […]

Adventures in Etymology: Gnosis

Gnosis Reason for Adventure Used in Kraken by China Miéville which made me remember what a great word it is! Definitions/Origins 1. Pronunciation: noh-sis Form: noun Definition: Knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge. Origin: 1695–1705;  < Neo-Latin  < Greek gnṓsis  a seeking to know, equivalent to gnō-,  base of gignṓskein know + -sis -sis 2. […]

Challenges Update # 10 – a Preemptive Pick

Hello again my highly esteemed Bookbaggers! Last weekend I was getting deliciously close to the end of two books – one which I had been reading for ages (since January O.O) and one that I only started a few weeks ago – and while I could’ve been patient and waited until I was done before […]