Top 10 Graphic Novels I Read in 2013

Hello all and welcome to the first (and hopefully annual) Top 10 Graphic Novels list! I had to do a list of graphic novels as well as my usual one of their pictureless brethren this year as I read so many great ones (thanks in no small part to my Comic Companions challenge). As my […]

Challenges Update # 21 – Week 10 of War & Pages + New Books for New Books November!

Hello my gracious, gregarious Bookbaggers! Welcome to the 10th update of  War & Pages (and actually the 11th and final update too!) + an exciting update on  New Books November and other crazy dribblings from my mind parts 😀 This Sunday I was feeling a little under par (probably a combination of the heat and an overindulgence […]

Challenges Update # 20 – Week 9 of War & Pages + Other Bits and Bobs

Good morrow my nifty, nimble Bookbaggers! Welcome to the 9th update of  War & Pages + other little updates such as how New Books November is going 🙂 I had another weekend of reading since it was hot and I’m a pale, ground-dwelling sort of beast which burns at the sight of a few rays making an inside relaxation […]

Do you challenge me Sir?

Salutations my bodacious Bookbaggers! After being inspired by some of my fellow book bloggers such as Billie (AKA Vasiliki of Book, Owls and Tea) and Angelique (AKA angelicreader of Why I Can’t Stop Reading) I have decided to embark on a couple of reading challenges! What challenges? Are they ones I can join too? (you may ask…or I may […]


Notable Quotable # 57

War is not just the business of death. It is the antithesis of life. Hope, tortured and flayed. Reason, dismembered, grinning at its limbs in its lap. Decency raped to death. Urkonn, Fray [Graphic Novel] by Joss Whedon (writer), Karl Moline (penciler), Andy Owens (inker), Dave Stewart (colourist) and Michelle Madsen (colourist and letterer), Chapter 6, pg. 2