A few notes on your kooky (but loveable :P) book polygamist.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and at the time of starting this blog I’m 24. I’m currently studying at Central Institute of Technology (formerly Central TAFE) toward my Diploma in Library and Information Services, at the end of which i will be a fully qualified Library Technician, and wallow in a world of books and order 😀

Besides reading books – which we’ve already established I do a lot! – I enjoy many online comics and other funny stuff; participate in random bouts of creative writing, comic makings, and general scribbling; hang out with close friends (and generally talk shit the majority of the time); enjoy a tad too much TV (often of the crappy variety); and walk my dog, Charlie.

UPDATE 06-06-12

  • I still live in Perth, Western Australia
  • I am now 25 – 26 in a few months
  • I have completed my Diploma (Woo Hoo!) and work casually at Central Institute of Technology as a Library Assistant as well as the occasional shift at one of the City of Joondalup libraries where I’m also a casual
  • I still enjoy online comics and funny stuff, but my pool of Interwebs treasure has expanded
  • The random bouts of creative writing, comic making and general scribbling  has dwindled…unless blogging is counted as creative writing
  • I still hang out with friends, when I’m not working and actually have more time to do so without the avalanche of study raining upon me. The quantity of shit spoken has most likely increased
  • I still enjoy watching a lot of TV but delude myself that it’s mainly not crappy and may serve some function in the future
  • I now have two dogs but the new one is confounded by walks and Charlie has gotten more lazy due to old age so will often choose a long snooze over a trip to the park

UPDATE 05-09-13

  • Not much has changed except I am now 26 turning 27 (but in reality more like 26 turning 14 and 74 simultaneously)
  • I now work full-time at Central Institute of Technology as a Library Assistant, three days a week at the Mt Lawley campus (which is exclusively Nursing and Allied Health students) and the other two at East Perth (which has more technical courses such as Mining, Surveying, Building, Interactive Digital Media and Laboratory Operations)
  • You can also now find Book Polygamist on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BookPolygamist

If you want to send me a newfangled electronic mail do so at: bookpolygamist(AT)gmail(DOT)com and you can follow my Pinterest boards at www.pinterest.com/bookpolygamist/

19 thoughts on “About

  1. angelicreader says:

    I knew there were people out there who caught my drift.

    One book is just not enough! Never ever!

    Great blog, fun posts and enjoyable reads. Thanks!


    • Thanks angelicreader! I try to explain to people why I read multiple books at once but some people just can’t fathom it – I think we’re two of a unique breed in the vast spectrum of readers and I can’t imagine my life any other way 🙂 Glad you like Book Polygamist and I hope you continue to visit – in my eyes you are officially one of my treasured Bookbaggers 🙂


      • It came from a podcast that me and my best friend are huge fans of, TOFOP (Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcast) who call their fans “T-Baggers”. When I changed my theme early on (https://bookpolygamist.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/makeover/) I tried to address my very tiny pool of fans with a nickname, but they were a bit of a mouthful so I asked them what would be a good name. My best friend (who of course was one of my earliest followers) answered back with T-Baggers as a bit of an in-joke, so I answered back with Bookbaggers and it just kind of stuck from there. It’s pretty fitting coz it reminds me of the bulging bookbags I would lug home from the library when I was a kid 😛


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