Regular Features

Top 10 Lists

The original regular feature, which is not as regular as it use to be! It started off as a monthly set of two posts on a certain theme (i.e. Top 10 Male Characters and Top 10 Female Characters) but that has lessened as other features emerged and my pool of ideas has dwindled. The old ones still are among my most popular posts so they will always have a place on Book Polygamist, but besides the annual Top 10 Reads of (the year) these posts may not pop up very often.

Save The Words Saturday

A weekly post promoting unusual words that is now no more since the closure of There is however 49 saved words to look back on as well as a farewell post.

Notable Quotables

A short regular feature which showcases funny, inspiring or otherwise notable quotes I find and enjoy while reading. Posted pretty regularly, on average about 3-4 times a month, but sometimes more like 10 times and sometimes not at all, depending on what I’m reading and how often.

Micro-reviews-banner (2)

A series of posts that started to clear out a whole bunch of Forgotten Reviews by writing short reviews (a few choice sentences) on each one. When I had finished the Forgotten Reviews I was a bit sad to let the Micro Reviews go so I put it to a poll and the Micro Reviews got to live once more! They still include a group of 5 short reviews on books that don’t really require a full-length one, but now they also include a mini short-story which chronicles the adventures of the Micro Reviews, inspired by the books featured in the post.


One of two posts that are the offspring of Save The Words Saturday. Basically I take a word or phrase that has popped up in my current reads and post the definitions and etymology of it. Definitions are generally sourced through and additional etymology through the Online Etymology Dictionary. So far its a semi-regular feature which I post as the thought arrises, but if it proves popular I may make it a weekly post.


The sibling of Adventures in Etymology, and another offshoot of Save The Words Saturday. Basically a way to share my love for collective nouns, each post lists the common collective noun of my chosen animal (again this may be one that appeared in a current read or just one I wanted to find out about) then alternatives that people use or have suggested in the past, and then my own suggestions. Information is taken from a variety of sources, namely, and other online lists of collective nouns. Like Adventures in Etymology, this is currently a post-whenever-I-feel-like-it feature but may become a weekly if in demand.

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