Notable Quotable #120

My grandmother lives alone. she is very old, very happy and very Catholic. Once, i was told that after having her first thirteen children she took a little break for three years until her village priest told her to get on with her “duty as a woman” while she was still good.


Notable Quotable # 76

Lord Akeldama did so love to know all the gossip about the mundane world, but it was in the manner of a cat amusing himself among the butterflies without a need to interfere should their wings get torn off. They were only butterflies, after all.



Notable Quotable #38

The uncle is a vast reservoir of alcohol. On pathetic, human Sundays people come here to fish for joy and discontent. There are snack bars and French fries. People go boating, steering yellow and red pecalos towards the leafy shade and the laughter. These delightful attractions account for the exuberant size of his belly.