Notable Quotable # 118

“Perhaps,” she said. “Perhaps. Birds sing in the trees, find their food, mate, build nests. They don’t know anything else.” She looked up at him, drawing the cloth slowly from side to side across the back of her neck. “It’s a narrow life for birds. But you catch one and put it in a cage and you’ll soon find out whether it values what’s it’s lost.”


Notable Quotable # 96

The aide felt like he was in a preschool in hell, or possibly in a dovecote of extremely deformed and demented pigeons.

  • “Beautiful Stuff” by Susan Palwick, The Living Dead by Various, pg. 141A bunch of different zombie stories by different authors? What's not to love?

Notable Quotable # 80

Conall described being awake the night after (referring to the night after a werewolf changes on the full moon) as akin to playing tiddlywinks, drunk, with a penguin – confusing and slightly dreamlike.