Notable Quotable # 114

The sky was a velvety black paw pressing on the white landscape with a feline delicacy, stars flying like sparks from its fur. The cry of an owl, brooding over its ruby appetites, cut through the frigid air like a vibrating pin. Then, all was silent except for the soft crunch, like ants chewing wax, of his boots upon the snow.



Notable Quotable #36

Just before she reached the Mochundi turnoff, where the road ambled down to the source of the Limpopo, the sun began to rise above the plains, and for a few minutes, the whole world was a pulsating yellow-gold – the kopjes, the panoply of treetops, last season’s dry grass beside the road, the very dust. The sun, a great red ball, seemed to hang above the horizon and then freed itself and floated up over Africa; the natural colours of the day returned, and Mma Ramotswe saw in the distance, the familiar roofs of her childhood, and the donkeys beside the road, and the horses dotted here and there among the trees.


Notable Quotable #35

We have run through the dark orange days of July, run through the summer morning soft as mouse fur, through the drizzle, through the baking heat, through the scent of wakening gardenia, under the wisteria, draped on the covered bridge.

  • The Running Buds (Big Tom, Little Thom, Johann, Sol, Doug, Frankie), The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff, pg. 145.monstersoftempleton