Challenge Update # 7 – The final conquering of Poe!…and other things

Hello my snazzy, fabaroonie Bookbaggers!

This update is exciting because I FINALLY CONQUERED POE!! ūüėÄ challenge badge

It seems like my scheme (schemed up in my last update) worked beautifully because on Thursday during my lunch break I started The Spectacles (an amusing story about a young, handsome man who refuses to wear spectacles despite imperfect vision because of vanity, falls in love with a woman that he sees at the theatre, marries her under her one condition Рthat he consents to wearing the dreaded eye-wear Рand so discovers that she is not what she seems), continued to read it on my commute home, and then finished it that night (it was the longest of the remaining stories).

Then the next day I read¬†The Cask of Amontillado¬†in my lunch break as it was quite short (and I have to admit also quite confusing. I believe it was about a man who lures his drunken “friend” into an underground crypt with the promise of some rare and presumably fine wine, and then tries to brick him in? It was not as clear as many of the other tales so I was a bit bewildered by the end and uncertain of the man’s motive, or if he actually succeeded…).

Then on Saturday afternoon I polished off the last three tales:¬†The Oval Portrait¬†(another short, but chilling tale where Poe truly shines. This one was about a man who stays in a strange room while ill that is filled with artworks, and is unsettled by one particular portrait which is eerily life-like);¬†The Tell-Tale Heart¬†(one of Poe’s most well-known stories about a man who is driven to murder his employer because the simple noises he makes – such as his heart beating – grate on his delicate [*cough* insane *cough] ears, but once the deed is done and he has hidden the body he continues to hear the horrible beating of his master’s heart) and¬†Ligeia¬†(which is another great piece of Poe creepiness – basically the story of the ailing health and subsequent death of the narrators beloved wife, and then the ailing health, death and horrifying reanimation(s) of his next wife).

I’m so pleased that I was finally able to finish¬†Tales¬†of Mystery and¬†Imagination, even if it did take me 1 year, 1 month and 1 day, but it was also a little strange finishing it, and my pile of books looks a bit odd now…


As well as finishing Tales of Mystery and Imagination this weekend I started The Obsidian Dagger: Being the Further Extraordinary Adventures of Horatio Lyle (Horatio Lyle #2) by Catherine Webb

obsidian dagger

started and finished White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion (White Tiger, Issue # 1) by Tamora Pierce  and Timothy Liebe (writers) and Philippe Briones (penciler)

white tiger

and since I finished Poe, I chose a new book and accompanying Comic Companion from my¬†Jar O’ Books¬†(see below).


The day before I finished Poe I let my friend Sarah pick my next book and graphic novel out of the jar since she was there, and she seems to enjoy it ūüėõ Since Poe was (is) one of my own books, and that pile is the largest, I got her to pick a purple slip which was:

the rescue - Jar O' Books June/July

Apologies for the sub-par photo :s

The Rescue¬†(The Guardians of Ga’Hoole # 3)¬†by¬†Kathryn Lasky,¬†a nice quick read filled with owlish excitement ūüôā

For the Comic Companion she picked a green slip which turned out to be:

Clive Barker omnibus - Jar O' Books June/July

Clive Barker Omnibus (collecting The Thief of Always ; The Great and Secret Show ; and Seduth) by Clive Barker, Kris Oprisko, Chris Ryall,  Christopher Monfette (writers), Gabriel Hernandez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Ray Zone (artists),  Robbie Robbins (letterer); which is fitting because  I borrowed it off her in the first place!

On Sunday I started¬†The Rescue¬†and read the first part of the¬†Clive Barker Omnibus,¬†The Thief of Always, which¬†was very true to the novel (it’s still pretty clear in my head since I read it earlier this year so I was raring to scrutinize!) and had an interesting sketchy art-style that suited the story to a T.

So that’s it for the Poe.My.God! Challenge¬†but I will continue with the¬†Comic Companions¬†challenge until I run out of good graphic novels, or ¬†I want to change things up again (whichever comes first) and of course the¬†Jar O’ Books June/July¬†challenge will go till the end of July so I will continue to update you as things occur, as well as delight you with my usual Book Polygamist randomness ūüôā

Until next time I bid you all:

Happy Reading!

Challenges Update # 6 – We’re getting to the pointy end!

Hello oh splendiferious, fantastical Bookbaggers!

I’m going to cut right to the chase as thinks are getting heated in Challenge-Land! challenge badge

The Poe.My.God! Challenge is reaching its end and I am stubbornly determined that I will win, even though it looks a tad dire.

According to my ammended rules, the challenge must be complete this Saturday the 15th, and since last week I have only read 1 tale of the 6 I had to go. This is because last weekend was quite a fun busy one. On Friday night I went to a birthday shindig for one of my close friends, Renee, which of course then required a day of recovery on Saturday. Should I have been reading some Poe during that recovery period? Quite possibly, but my mind was not up to it and I was tantalizingly close to the end of City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane, so I shirked my Challenge responsibilities (for shame!). Then on Sunday, which is traditionally my day of R & R (Rest and Reading) I was rather occupied elsewhere – getting my third tattoo ūüėÄ

Even though the tattoo itself took about 2 hours the rest of my day was spent preparing myself beforehand, going out to lunch with my best friend Sarah after (as she went with me to ogle as a picture miraculously appeared on my skin), hanging out at mine for a few hours chatting, and then tattoo aftercare and slugging in front of the TV in the evening, so Poe sat on my bedside table completely neglected.

On Monday I realised that I had the same amount of stories left as days to read them in, so if I was vigilant and read one tale each day after work I could make up for the weekend. That night I read The Masque of the Red Death (which usurps The Thousand-and Second Tale of Scheherazade as my favourite tale so far. It was a deliciously creepy and atmospheric story of a flamboyant Prince who closes his doors to the outside world when a horrific plague sweeps through, and instead of helping his ailing subjects throws an elaborate party for all his well-to-do friends who all get their comeuppance in the end), but while I have had good intentions marinating away in the back of my mind I did not carry on that pattern on Tuesday or Wednesday.

To force myself into reading the tales before Saturday’s end, I have banished all other books from my bag and despite its heft taken Tales of Mystery and Imagination with me to work so I may read it on my compute or lunch break. Most of the 5 remaining stories are fairly brief, so I am confident that I will be able to read some today and tomorrow and finish the tome on Saturday as scheduled! Wish me luck!


There has been a tiny bit of Comic Companions action, because I of course finished City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane

city of ghosts

and chose a new read from my library pile, and a graphic novel to go with it (I’ll get to them below as they’re my first to reads picked from the Jar O’ Books :D). As another side effect of my busy weekend I haven’t started either yet, but I suspect I will this weekend as I don’t have any definite plans and then they’ll feature in my next update ūüôā


Because I finished a book last weekend I was able to try out my new choosing strategy for June/July for the first time ūüôā I let Sarah choose the first one since she was excited to do so (like me she is amused and/or thrilled by small things :P) and from the blue library book slips of paper she picked:

The obsidian dagger - Jar O' Books June/July

The Obsidian Dagger: Being the Further Extraordinary Adventures of Horatio Lyle (Horatio Lyle #2) by Catherine Webb

Then the next day I realised I also had to pick a graphic novel so out of the green slips I picked:

White Tiger - Jar O' Books June/July

White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion (White Tiger, Issue # 1) by Tamora Pierce  and Timothy Liebe (writers) and Philippe Briones (penciler).

As I said above I haven’t gotten to them yet but I’m pretty stoked to read my first two completely random, chosen-from-a-jar reads ūüôā

That’s it for now, stay tuned for all the usual things and eternally I wish you all:

Happy Reading!

Challenges Update # 5 + a change in my choosing process for June/July!

Why hello there, oh studious Bookbaggers!

Since my last update I have made a little headway with my Poe challenge, there has been zero activity in my Comic Companions challenge, because I haven’t finished any reads, and I have decided to try something a little different when choosing new books over the next two months ūüėÄ

But firstly: challenge badge

Last Sunday I read four more stories: A Premature Burial (which is about a man who suffers from catalypsy and so has a deep-seated fear that he will be mistaken for dead when having an episode and buried alive), The Assignation (a confusing story which starts with a child being saved from drowning, and ends with his mother and rescuer both dying mysteriously from poison, and maybe they were lovers? This one may have made the least sense out of the whole collection), Shadow Рa Parable (a very short story about a group of men in Ancient Greece or Rome I believe, who perform a ritual resembling a séance), and lastly The Black Cat (which describes some pretty shocking abuse of a pet cat by his master who is subsequently led to madness and murder from his guilt and perceived taunts of a replacement cat. I was a bit rattled by this one, but it was a chilling and well-written little story).

As I said a couple of updates back, my challenge is now going til the 15th of June (1 year, 1 month, and 1 day since I started Tales of Mystery and Imagination) so I have the rest of this week, and next week until Saturday to read the last 6 stories.


As I said above, there has been no action on the Comic Companions front as I haven’t finished any books this week – BUT! – I did receive a graphic novel that I ordered in the mail:

unwritten vol 3

Too bad its the third volume and the second is yet to arrive, otherwise I probably would start it as soon as I finished one of my reads (probably City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane since I have been hooked on that since I started it and will likely finish this weekend, if not today), but I do still have lots to choose from until volume 2 shows up ūüôā

In other news, the other day (which if you know me can mean anywhere from yesterday to a month ago – there, now I’ve shared that with you, you do know me! Welcome to my mind! Have a cup of tea and make yourself at home ūüôā ) I read a post on a blog I recently followed, The Perks of Being a Bookworm, which shared a really cool idea she found on tumblr:


Basically you write books from you TBR pile on bits of paper, stick it in a jar and then fish one out when you want a new read! The creator, Crini from the tumblr page All About Books, used different coloured strips of paper for different genres (Fantasy, SciFi, Contemporary, Thriller/Horror) so she would still have a little bit of choice in the kind of book she wanted to read.

I love this idea and wanted to try it out for a little while – taking a break from my usual process of choosing – but instead I have done different colours for my different TBR piles:

Red are books I’ve borrowed from friends (Sarah; my little bro, Scott; and my workmate, Scott – yes I know, very confusing, but also ha! all S names :P)

Blue are books I’ve borrowed from libraries

Green are Graphic Novels (my own and ones I’ve borrowed from libraries or friends)

and Purple are my own Books-I’ve-Bought-But-Have-Yet-To-Read pile

That way I can still keep a modicum of my old ritual by choosing a book from the pile that I just finished one from, while also mixing up my habits a tad ūüôā

I thought I would try the jar thing for June and July, because that will give me enough time to trial it (I wouldn’t want to do it for a period when I only choose one or two new reads) but not too long that I will miss my little ritual. And also doing it for June/July allows me to make this a thing:


Which is just an excuse for me to play in Photoshop again ūüôā

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. In my next update there will probably be some Comic Companions news to share, as well as my continuing slog through Tales of Mystery and Imagination, and the results of my fledgling Jar O’ Books choosing (or choosings – who knows)

Until then:

Happy Reading!

Challenges update # 4 + the only upside to being sick

Hello to all my patient and gorgeous Bookbaggers!

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent of late, which is mainly due to a horrendous snot monster invading my head for most of last week. It has now been banished thanks to my fearsome weapons (the Blade of Lemon and Honey, the Mighty Twin Swords of Paracetamol and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, and the Swift Arrows of Rest and Plentiful Liquids) and I am back to my normal schedule ūüôā

While being home sick is generally the pits, I did encounter one upside – I had plenty of time to read, and not much energy to do anything else, so I actually have quite a bit to tell you in this update! challenge badge

Since my last update I have read 4 more stories:¬†The Unparalleled Adventure of one Hans Pfaall¬†(a somewhat interesting and amusing tale of a man who escapes dept collectors by attempting to travel to the moon in a gas-propelled balloon) which I read the Sunday before the Snot Monster invaded; ¬†The Pit and the Pendulum¬†(one of Poe’s most famous and darkest tales, of a prisoner which wakes up in a torture chamber complete with a deep pit and fearsome swinging blade which gradually descends upon him) which I read while I was sick;¬†The Domain of Arnheim¬†(a story about a man’s quest to create an elaborate and gargantuan garden after he receives a huge inheritance, which was wonderfully descriptive, but a tad dull in parts); and Landor’s Cottage (a companion/follow-on to The Domain of Arnheim where a traveller stumbles upon the massive man-made wilderness and eventually the cottage of its only inhabitants…presumably. Also a bit long-winded and dull in parts, but the descriptions are very rich), both of which I read last weekend.

I now have 10 stories to go, and 3 more weeks left of the challenge, so if I read 3-4 stories each week I should be set ūüôā

comiccompanions-badgeAs I said, being sick enabled me to read a lot, which meant I finished 2 of my current reads, started 2 new ones, and read 3 graphic novels ūüėÄ

Firstly I really got into Among Others by Jo Walton among others

which I had started previously, but was less than 100 pages into when the sickness descended. I don’t know why exactly, but this was the perfect sickie read (maybe because it was easy to read and the subject matter wasn’t too heavy?) and by my third day off work I had finished it. I of course immediately spread out all 13 books on my Books-I-Own-And-Have-Yet-To-Read pile – which is destined to keep growing for all eternity due to my insatiable urge to buy books – and went through the long process of choosing a new read. I was tickled pink when my convoluted and sometimes flawed system of choosing reads resulted in one I had been looking forward to for a while: The Sending by Isobelle Carmody!! ūüėÄ

The Sending

Because it’s such an ample volume (weighing in at 756 pages) I thought it fitting to choose 2 Comic Companions rather than a lone one, and since they were already a neatly matched pair I chose:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Origin¬†by¬†Dan Brereton¬†and¬†Christopher Golden¬†(writers),¬†Joe Bennett¬†(penciler)¬†,¬†Rick Ketcham¬†(inker),¬†Guy Major,¬†Jeromy Cox¬†(colourists), and¬†Ken Bruzenak¬†(letterer) – which was a great re-telling of Joss Whedon’s original screenplay, doing it justice way better than the film version.



Batman: The Killing Joke: The Deluxe Edition¬†by Alan Moore (writer),¬†Brian Bolland (artist, colorist, writer),¬†Ellie De Ville¬†and¬†Richard Starkings¬†(letterers) – which was wonderfully chilling, bizarre and stunningly illustrated with some possible insight into the origin of Batman’s greatest nemesis (and I only just realised both were origin stories! Slow on the uptake much?)

A couple of days later I finished another current read – The Diviner’s Son by Gary Crew – which I had been further into before my sickness:

gary-crew-diviners-son-1and started reading City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane (which I had to get via a SLWA interlibrary loan, and so skipped my usual choosing process so it can go back to its home library before the due date)

city of ghostsand from the 4 graphic novels that I borrowed from work I chose a new Comic Companion:

the unwritten vol 1¬†The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity¬†(The Unwritten, Volume # 1) by¬†Mike Carey¬†(writer),¬†Peter Gross¬†(artist),¬†Chris Chuckry and Jeanne McGee (colourists) and Todd Klein (letterer) –¬† which was absolutely brilliant! A really unique story, very gripping and beautifully drawn and inked/coloured. I loved it so much that I immediately went on Book Depository and bought the next 2 volumes because I had to know what happened!!

That’s it for now ūüôā

I will try to make up for my absence by posting a few new things I have up my sleeves (some Notable Quotables, a couple of Collective Nounitude‘s and Adventures in Etymology, the next couple of installments of The Micro Reviews From Planet Procrastination, and an update on where the hell my full-length reviews and Top 10 lists have gone) in the days and weeks to come, and hopefully you will continue to find my disorderly schedule endearing ūüėÄ

Until then:

Happy Reading!

Challenges Update #3 + a kaleidoscope of new comics (and books)!

Soooooooooooo….. its been a while since my last challenge update…because I haven’t really been actively challenging :/

I didn’t bother posting an update last week because I had nothing to report – I haven’t finished any books, so I haven’t started any new ones, complete with Comic Companion, and I have been really slack with the Poe challenge… challenge badge

As I suspected the weekend of comedy shows was not conducive¬†to some casual reading – my entire weekend was made up of social happenings before and after the shows and the seeing of the shows themselves, which if you’re interested were Justin Hamilton’s Perth International Comedy Festival (PICF) show on Friday the 3rd, and then on Saturday the 4th Adam Hill’s show, Happyism¬†which were both absolutely hilarious, if very, very different (Justin Hamilton was in a small room, very intimate and casual, and Adam Hills was in a theatre of 2000 people with a sigh language interpreter and choir!).

During the week I did intend to read some stories to catch up, but I’m usually too tired after work and I just want to veg out in front of the TV, eat dinner and go to bed, so my good intentions fell by the wayside ūüė¶ These wasted good intentions ¬†carried on into the weekend as my best friend, Sarah, moved around the corner from me (:D!!!) so I was distracted by the exciting tour of the new house,¬†conveniently¬†located catch-ups, and helping her build a snazzy new bed. Up until yesterday I was¬†convinced¬†I would somehow still complete the challenge before the¬†horrifying¬†One-Year-Since-I-Started-This-Book date, but guess what today is? That’s right, the 14th of May….. Happy¬†Anniversary¬†Tales of Mystery and Imagination -.-¬†

Anyway, since I still want to challenge myself, and as I’ve established before I enjoy repeated numbers, why not extend the challenge until it hits the 1 year, 1 month and 1 day mark? This would mean that the challenge would go until the 15th of June, or 5 more weeks which works perfectly with the¬†amount¬†of stories I have left too because I have 15 to go so I only need to read 3 a week and I’m done!


On the Comic Companions front I haven’t fared much better, because as I said I haven’t finished or started anything.


I have acquired quite a few new graphic novels that can be read as part of the challenge.

Firstly I have borrowed a few from the East Perth campus of my college, where I work on Thursdays and Fridays:

graphic novels from work

Lots of great Graphic Novels have been donated by my workmate, Scott, so I may borrow some more in the near future ūüėÄ

They are:¬†The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity¬†(The Unwritten, Volume # 1) by¬†Mike Carey¬†(writer),¬†Peter Gross¬†(artist),¬†Chris Chuckry and Jeanne McGee (colourists) and Todd Klein (letterer);¬†White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion¬†(White Tiger, Issue # 1) by Tamora Pierce¬† and Timothy Liebe (writers) and Philippe Briones (penciler);¬†House of Mystery: Room and Boredom¬†(House of Mystery, Volume # 1) by Matthew Sturges and Bill Wilingham (writers), Jill Thompson (penciler), Luca Rossi (inker) and¬†Todd Klein¬†(letterer); and¬†Nevermore¬†by Edgar Allan Poe (because its an adaptation of some of his short stories), Ian Edginton,¬†Jamie Delano,¬†John Reppion, and¬†Leah Moore¬†(writers) and¬†D’Israeli,¬†James (Jim) Fletcher,¬†John McCrea,¬†Shane Oakley¬†and¬†Steve Pugh¬†(artists)

I also borrowed two graphic novels off my workmate at East Perth, Scott:

Batman + Buffy = :D

Batman + Buffy = ūüėÄ

Batman: The Killing Joke: The Deluxe Edition by Alan Moore (writer), Brian Bolland (artist, colorist, writer), Ellie De Ville and Richard Starkings (letterers); and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Origin by Dan Brereton and Christopher Golden (writers), Joe Bennett (penciler) , Rick Ketcham (inker), Guy Major, Jeromy Cox (colourists), and Ken Bruzenak (letterer).

And Scott kindly picked me up a few comics from Free Comic Book Day which was on the weekend of all the comedy:

Two of them have a different comic on each side, so I've placed the two pics side by side to show all the covers

Two of them have a different comic on each side, so I’ve placed the two pics side by side to show all the covers – sorry for the weird glare and change in light :/

Star Wars: Captain Midnight/Avatar: The Last Airbender ; Mouse Guard /Rust flip book ; and Molly Danger/Princeless

Then on Friday night while looking for a Mother’s Day present for my mum I had a mini shopping spree at one of my new favourite bookstores, Kaleido Books¬†

Kaleido buys


Alice in Wonderland¬†by Lewis Carroll ,¬†Lewis Helfand¬†(writer/adapter) and¬†Rajesh Nagulakonda¬†(artist);¬†The Book of Human Insects¬†by¬†Osamu Tezuka¬†(writer, artist and cover designer – go Mr Tezuka!);¬†The Beatles Graphic¬†by¬†Herv√© Bourhis¬†(writer, artist and cover designer – again, go Mr Bourhis!); and¬†A Clockwork Orange¬†by Anthony Burgess¬†(another classic I’ve never read)

And lastly, I bought a quartet of books at the end of my holidays when me and mum went op-shop trawling that I forgot to share with you:

Op-shop buys


Past The Shallows¬†by Favel Parrett;¬†The Winter Queen¬†by Boris Akunin;¬†The Highest Tide¬†by Jim Lynch; and¬†the Calvin and Hobbes book,¬†Scientific Progress Goes “Boink”¬†by Bill Watterson¬†ūüėĬ†

So, I have PLENTY of comics to read for my challenge, as well as more books that I don’t have room for…..and like any true book addict instead of culling my collection, or heaven’s forbid, stopping my endless purchasing of new and used books (*GASP* *dramatic Victorian lady swoon*) I will eventually buy a new bookshelf that I can fill with even more! (*cue maniacal laughter and crazed grin*)

That’s it for now my booktastic Bookbaggers! Stay tuned for updates as they occur + the usual junk and I bid you all:

Happy Reading!

Challenges Update #2

Greeting my weird and wonderful troupe of Bookbaggers!

If you read my last challenges update you will know that I’ve been on term break last week (*GRIN*) which meant that I got to lounge around and read a whole lot ūüôā Logically this would also mean that I had more time for blogging, but that is only logical if you aren’t¬†acquainted with my ancient and¬†temperamental laptop. The Zombie laptop, which it’s not-so-affectionately named for the number of times it has risen from the dead, is about 5 years old, has next-to-no memory, and takes forever to do even the simplest tasks, which means I barely use it and save my interwebbing for my fancy smartphone (which has much more power and memory than the Zombie laptop….which is a tad ridiculous) and when It’s quiet at work (this sounds naughty, but is generally acceptable as library work at a college like mine has its ebbs and flows) and the last thing I wanted to do on my break was struggle with it to get some posts up.

Anyway, since I did a fair bit of reading I have some updates on my current challenges for you all: challenge badge

Since my last update I have read 4 more stories:¬†The Mystery of Marie Rog√™t¬†which is a sequel to Murders at the Rue Morgue¬†;¬†The Purloined Letter¬†which is also kind of a sequel, because it features the same detective, Dupin ; The Thousand-and Second Tale of Scheherazade, which may be my favourite, and is¬†certainly the funniest I’ve read so far, as it’s the forgotten tale of Scheherezade (the storytelling sultan’s wife from¬†One¬†Thousand and One Nights¬†¬†which includes stories of Aladdin and Sinbad) which tells of Sinbad’s final adventures, including a long list of seemingly impossible sights and inventions, which are perfectly explainable in Poe’s time (and each one had a footnote so it was quite informative too!)¬†;¬†and then the night before last I read¬†Fall of the House of ¬†Usher¬†which was wonderfully spooky and atmospheric, especially because near the end I was reading during the ad breaks of¬†American Horror Story: Asylum!

I now have 14 stories left and 13 days before the dreaded 1 year mark (14 if I don’t mind reaching 1 year exactly :/) so I’m a bit behind, and I’m going to try and read one each day. I’ve already failed this a little as i didn’t read a story yesterday, and the¬†likelihood¬†of me reading any this weekend is slim because I’m going to two comedy gigs with friends, but I will do it somehow!


On the Comic Companions front I’m doing much better! After reading¬†The Sandman volume 1:¬†Preludes and Nocturnes¬†by¬†Neil Gaiman¬†I finished Married with Zombies¬†by¬†Jesse Petersenmarriedwithzombies

so I started to read Among Others by Jo Waltonamong others
and picked¬†The Sandman volume 2: The Doll’s House¬†by¬†Neil Gaiman¬†as the Comic Companion


I finished that quick smart (I started one night and read the rest the next morning) and I wanted to read the 3rd volume Dream Country ASAP because that was the only one I had read previously (I borrowed it over and over from the library when I was a kid) and I wanted to see if it was a different experience when done straight after its predessesors (it was much less confusing, plus more age appropriate now).

So, to make it feel like I wasn’t cheating I read two of the little books I bought at¬†¬†Oxford Street Books,¬†The Amber Amulet¬†by¬†Craig Silvey


and The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufmanthe-tiny-wife

and made The Sandman volume 3: Dream Country by Neil Gaiman the Comic Companion


I read all three on my last day of holidays which was a nice way to farewell the break ūüôā

Alas, my local library doesn’t have any more Sandmans until volume 7, so I’ll have to rustle up the next three at another library, or buy them (I found a very tempting collection for sale on book depository, but it says “includes all 10 volumes” when there is 11 so I’m not so sure about that) for when I next start a new book, but I do still have the Clive Barker Omnibus, and the manga of Soulless so I’m fairly set ūüôā

That’s it for now but stay tuned for upcoming Collective Nounitude and Adventures in Etymology posts as well as a couple of Micro Reviews from Planet Procratination installments, and some long neglected reviews once I’ve decided on a new review format that¬†I’ve¬†been thinking over (including a more interesting rating system), but in the meantime:

Happy Reading!

Challenges Update # 1 + Tiny Tidbits from Leederville

Hello Bookbaggers one and all! this is just a quickie post to update you on my current challenges and tell you about another small book purchase I made (ooo naughty naughty!) challenge badge

¬† This weekend I only read one story from¬†Tales of Mystery and Imagination¬†because it was a lengthy and pretty distressing one –¬†Murders in the Rue Morgue. If you haven’t read it I won’t be a rotten spoiler, but lets just say it’s about a horrific murder with an unusual¬†instigator, and it’s quite gory – especially for the time period. Anyway, the story directly after,¬†The Mystery of Marie Roget,¬†is a sequel to¬†Murders in the Rue Morgue¬†and is also fairly lengthy, so I didn’t quite have the energy to read it and a couple more to reach my goal. Luckily next week I am on term break (yay!) so I will have plenty of free time to catch up ūüôā comiccompanions-badge ¬† Tuesday arvo I finished¬†Unholy Magic¬†by¬†Stacia Kane¬†¬†and so chose¬†the Diviner’s Son¬†by¬†Gary Crew¬†off my library pile:gary-crew-diviners-son-1and as the Comic Companion, the first Volume of The Sandman –¬†Preludes and Nocturnes¬†by¬†Neil Gaiman: preludes and nocturnes ¬† As for the little purchase, I was in Leederville¬†because I had a Professional Development session (Dealing with Challenging Students as a Frontline Officer) at the Leederville campus of my work, so once it was finished I had a little¬†peruse in one of my favourite bookstores, Oxford Street Books¬†to see if they had a book I’d been looking for for a while – Craig Silvey‘s¬†The Amber Amulet. To my delight they did have¬†The Amber Amulet, and I was so elated I made a couple of impulse purchases with books displayed at the checkout –¬†The Tiny Wife, an adorable wee novella by Andrew Kaufman¬†and The Little Book of Books¬†by Jennifer Worick¬†ūüôā

Here they be:

oxford street books buys


And I just realised that they all have a similar colour¬†scheme¬† which also happened last time I bought from Oxford Street Books…. hmmmm

Anyway, they are currently sitting on my bedside table where I normally place my phone and glasses before snooze time, so I will probably just read them on a whim, maybe whilst I’m on holidays ūüôā

Ta, ta for now and:

Happy Reading!

Do you challenge me Sir?

Salutations my bodacious Bookbaggers!

After being inspired by some of my fellow book bloggers such as Billie (AKA¬†Vasiliki¬†of Book, Owls and Tea) and Angelique (AKA¬†angelicreader¬†of Why I Can’t Stop Reading) I have decided to embark on a couple of reading challenges!

What challenges? Are they ones I can join too?

(you may ask…or I may ask on your behalf).

What great questions! How clever you are to come up with them!

The challenges I’m entering aren’t the fabulous high-profile ones my fellow bloggers are bravely conquering, such as the 2013 TBR Pile¬†challenge; the 2013 Feminists Reads challenge; or Billie’s very impressive 1,000,000 Pages Challenge, but are just two little challenges I’ve set myself to get through a hanger-on book and mix up my reading patterns a little.

You are welcome to join in the challenges too if you like, and I’ve made little¬†challenge¬†badges that you can display if you do want to join me ūüôā

So what are the challenges?!

Wow, pushy much? I’m getting there shouty headings!

The challenges I’m starting are:

The Poe.My.God! Challenge challenge badge

This is basically a challenge to finally finish¬†Tales of Mystery and Imagination¬†by Edgar Allan Poe¬†which I have been “reading” for nearly a year. I say “reading” because I have only embarked on a hand-full of reading sessions with the book and the rest of the time it has done a bang up job supporting the rest of my currently reading pile. It’s not that it’s not a good book – it is Poe after all – but I don’t tend to dip into collections of short stories very often, and I’m not usually in the mood for Poe as while he’s a great author, the language used can be a bit dry and harder to absorb, the book was published using a typewriter-style typeface so it’s not as easy to read as modern books, and it’s a fairly large and heavy hardcover so I can’t really carry it around in my handbag (which is my usual strategy for books I’m struggling with). Over the last month or so I’ve tried to read at least one story a week, but as its a¬†strictly¬†at-home book, and I’m usually too tired to read before bed, I have only done so on weekends when I had spare time. Then after reading a post on Books, Owls and Tea¬†where Billie started a Grimm’s fairy tales challenge and commenting about how it was a great idea, we chatted about the fact that we had both been stuck on¬†Tales of Mystery and Imagination¬†for ages and I decided I wanted to officially challenge myself so that It wasn’t a permanent fixture on my bedside table!

Last weekend I realised I had exactly 20 stories left, and that if I read 4 a week I would be finished before the dreaded 1 year mark (the 14th of May), so I have given myself the goal of reading 4 stories a week, and to try to finish before the 14th of May! This week I have only read one, but I hope to make that up at some point ūüôā

The Comic Companions Challenge


This challenge I started unofficially last weekend when I chose a new book (Married With Zombies¬†by Jesse Petersen) and at the same time started a Graphic Novel since I had so many tasty ones sitting there that I wanted to read. The Graphic Novel I chose was¬†Fray¬†by¬†Joss Whedon¬†(writer),¬†Karl Moline¬†(pencils),¬†Andy Owens¬†(inks),¬†Dave Stewart¬†(colours) and¬†Michelle Madsen¬†(colours and text)¬†as seen in a recent Notable Quotable¬†and soon to be featured in a Micro Review from Planet Procrastination adventure (the one after the next one), and I enjoyed it so much that I devoured the whole collection over a couple of hours. I then decided since I had quite a few unread Graphic Novels sitting there (I currently have the first three¬†Sandman¬†volumes by Neil Gaiman out from the library; a collection of Clive Barker stories made into a Graphic Novel omnibus borrowed from my friend Sarah; and the first volume of¬†Soulless,¬†the manga adaptation of Gail Carriger‘s Parasol Protectorate that I recently bought at Oz Comic Con) every time I start a new book, I will also start a Graphic Novel ūüôā

This one doesn’t really have an end goal, but I’ll do it as long as there are Graphic Novels there for me to enjoy – I may even make it a year-long challenge so I can find more wonderful Graphic Novels once my pool runs out.

As I said earlier, any of you are welcome to join me in either challenge and use the above badges if you like, and you’re welcome to fiddle with the “rules” to your heart’s content ūüôā

Stay tuned for updates on how my first official challenges are fairing, as well as the regular goodies, and as usual:

Happy Reading!