Hi ho, hi ho, a cataloguing i go!

Welcome to part two of posts about presentations I’ve done recently! If you didn’t read the first post, It was about my favourite author, Craig Silvey. This one will be about a presentation I did for my Information Literacy class, on a Web 2.0 (or Library 2.0) technology.

The technology I chose was Social Cataloguing. If you have never heard of this term before then follow the hyperlink to a Wikipedia article about it, or go to this wiki but I’ll give you a quick definition in my own words anyway.

Social Cataloguing refers to sites or apps where you can add items (like books/DVDs/games/food)  you own or have read/seen/played/eaten etc. and then rate them, write reviews, share them with friends, add tags and do a whole lot of other nifty things.

As this is a book blog I’m just going to give you links to ones where you catalogue books, but with a quick google search you could probably find the other categories of sites.

During the research for this class (we had to use the same technology for three assessments) I have completely fallen in love with Social Cataloguing. Before my research, I did in fact use a Social Cataloguing app – Visual Bookshelf on Facebook–  I just didn’t know that it was a “thing”. I have since joined 6 other Social Cataloguing sites to try them out. These sites are:



There are ones I loved …and ones….well, not so much, but I can tell how any of them could appeal to the right person.

My personal favourite was Shelfari, because of some neat features it has:

  1. You can choose the exact cover of the book you own/have read from a drop down row of covers, and if yours isn’t there then you can upload the right pic.
  2. You can easily edit your books using a drop down box, where you can tick boxes to say you’ve read a book, are currently reading it or plan to read it, as well as highlight a heart is it’s one of your faves, a gift box if it’s on your wish list, or a cute little safe if you own it.
  3. Your books are displayed on a lovely wood-look shelf 🙂

My lovely shelf 🙂

You can also put a widget of your shelf on your blog, which is a feature of many of the sites.

I would encourage any of you to take a look at one of these sites, especially if you love sharing what you read as much as me 🙂 a lot of them alow you to login via Facebook or Twitter, so you don’t have to create an account and some allow you to take a “tour” before you join so you can see all the features.

Once again if you want to know more, check out my Powerpoint slides: Social Cataloguing

Or check out the bookmarks I gathered on del.icio.us for the assessments: Social Cataloguing Bookmarks.

Happy Cataloguing!

My name is Jessie… and I’m a Bookaholic.

I thought that little confession would be a fitting place to start as this little addiction is what caused me to be a book polygamist.
Now, a few of you may be asking “How can you be a book polygamist? Surely you don’t MARRY books? …You sick freak”. Hey now! Name-calling isn’t a great start to this blogger/reader relationship! You should be ashamed of yourself! But to answer your question, no,  I don’t marry books (that would be weird) but i do read 4-5 at a time (which many people i.e. my friends and family, find weird anyway – at least I don’t marry em guys!).
The reason being a bookaholic has led me to a life of book polygamy is that i just can’t stop buying and borrowing books, and if i didn’t read multiple at once I’d have died in a book-alanche like one of those crazy ladies that collect newspapers. Also I’ve been reading more than one book at a time for so many years that i find it quite odd and boring if i only limit myself to one (even two or three just doesn’t feel right :S ).
Even with my book philandering, i still have multiple “to read” piles. Below is a picture of the top shelf of my bookshelf which is devoted entirely to books I’ve bought but have yet to read.

And yes, they are double stacked

And those aren’t even the ones in the running to be read in the near future. For ones i want to read next or soon i have two piles on my bedside table (one of my own books and one of library books) and two on my shelves (one of books borrowed from my friend Sarah and one of books borrowed from my little brother).

The one on the left is usually larger, but I’m due for a trip to the Library 🙂

On the left is Sarah’s books, on the right is my little bro’s

So, as you can see i have a virtual Harem of  books to choose from and I hope you enjoy me rambling on about them 🙂
Catch me next time when I’ll talk about the 5 I’m reading now.

P.S. Sorry for the (lack of) quality of the photos. They’re taken with my phone as I am without a camera at the moment